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(with Moin Yahya), “Private Interests, Public Borders, and NAFTA’s Chapter 11: Lessons from the Mad Cow Saga” (2007) 45:2 Alta. L. Rev. 381-399 AVAILABLE HERE



I am a widely published freelance writer on topics of entrepreneurialism, sales and sales training, productivity, empowerment, mindset, performance, career planning and career fulfillment:

Master the Art of Productivity

The Mindset You Need To Be Successful As An Entrepreneur

6 Excuses Sabotaging Your Career

Burn The Ship And Get A Better Job

How To Survive A Career Crisis

Why You Should Adopt A Process Driven Approach To Your Career 

Effective Selling Techniques That Everyone Should Know And Learn

How To Test Your Business Idea Before You Quit Your Job

Five Steps To Become A Better Leader

Do What You Love Can Be Terrible Career Advice

6 Ways To Control Your Anxiety As An Entrepreneur

5 Power Tips To Become A Better Public Speaker

How To Avoid Sending The Wrong Message To Your Customers

How To Find A Mentor In Your Career

How You Can “Heat Up” Your Cold Calls

Seven Systems To Multiply Your Sales Efforts

How To Create Positive Habits That Stick

The Pendulum Of Career Fulfillment

Transform Your Career With This Powerful Ancient Advice

Are You An Effective Networker?

The Road To Career Reinvention Starts Here

A Simple And Effective Way To Grow Your Network

How To Say No At Work (And Still Maintain Positive Relationships)

How To Turn Your Career Around After A Setback

Productivity And The White Tennis Shoes Syndrome



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