About Me

Ryan Clements TEDx

I am a lawyer and an LLM (Master of Laws) Candidate at Duke University (2018). My research interests are in fintech, financial and securities regulation, smart contracts and cryptocurrency, entrepreneurialism, corporate finance, corporate governance, alternative business structures, and corporate ethics and social responsibility.

I’m also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law where I teach classes in Entrepreneurial Law and Corporations Law, and I am an instructor at SAIT in Business Law in the Energy Asset Management Program at the MacPhail School of Energy.

I’m a frequent speaker and freelance writer in the areas of business law, corporate and start-up law, entrepreneurship, leadership, career fulfillment, networking, sales, and marketing.

I’m also an experienced entrepreneur and lawyer. I’ve co-founded a successful worldwide marketing and distribution company, a law firm, and an educational consulting company, and I also currently serve on the board, or consult to several other startups. I am also active in entrepreneurial related volunteer projects and have served on the advisory review committee for the Business Development Bank of Canada’s young entrepreneur loan program, as well as a coach and mentor for Startup Weekend EDU in Calgary. I am also a special marketing advisor to The Child Rescue Association of North America.