About Me


I am a lawyer and an LLM (Master of Laws) Candidate at Duke University (2018). My legal interests are in financial technology and the law, regulatory technology, entrepreneurialism, law and economics, corporate finance, financial and securities regulation, corporate governance, alternative business structures, corporate ethics, taxation, artificial intelligence, contracts, the future of legal services.

I’m also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law where I teach classes in Entrepreneurial Law and Corporations Law. In this capacity I was awarded the top teaching award for sessional instructors at the University of Alberta Law School (the 2016 Pringle / Royal Teaching Excellence Award).  I also have experience as an instructor at SAIT in Business Law in the Energy Asset Management Program at the MacPhail School of Energy.

I’m an experienced corporate lawyer and I have deal experience across an extensive range of public and private company matters.  I’ve also published on various legal and business topics with a focus on corporate law and financial technology.