About Me

Ryan Clements TEDx

I am a lawyer and legal advisor to start-up companies and entrepreneurs. I am also an LLM (Master of Laws) Candidate at Duke University in the 2017 / 18 class.

I’m also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law where I teach classes in Entrepreneurial Law (Law 599) and Corporations Law (Law 451), and I am an instructor at SAIT in Business Law (BLaw 205) in the Energy Asset Management Program at the MacPhail School of Energy. I also co-created and delivered a professionalism, relationship building and networking skills course pilot in the Communications 256 / 266 Class in the MacPhail School of Energy at the SAIT.

I’m also a highly experienced entrepreneur and lawyer. I’ve co-founded a successful worldwide network marketing and distribution company, a law firm, and an educational consulting company, and I also currently serve on the board, or consult to several other startups. I am a contributing writer to Ivy Exec, a New York based executive search firm, where I write on the topics of career planning, empowerment, performance, entrepreneurship, leadership, motivation, productivity, sales, networking and marketing. I am also active in entrepreneurial related volunteer projects and have served on the advisory review committee for the Business Development Bank of Canada’s young entrepreneur loan program, as well as a coach and mentor for Startup Weekend EDU in Calgary. I am also a special marketing advisor to The Child Rescue Association of North America.

I’m a frequent speaker and trainer in the areas of business law, corporate and start-up law, entrepreneurship, leadership, career fulfillment, networking, sales, and marketing. I also write widely on these subjects. I have published a book (Unsuited: How We Can Reject Conventional Career Advice And Find Empowerment) and given a TEDx talk on career fulfillment, a topic that I speak often to schools and students about.