5 Ways To Be More Resilient As An Entrepreneur

You have to be mentally tough if you are going to survive as an entrepreneur. No matter what business you are in, you will deal with set-backs, rejection, failure, and disappointment from time to time.  It happens to anyone who is brave enough to venture out on their own and attempt to create something great.

Mental toughness is just like courage.  You don’t get it by reading a book or hearing about someone who displayed it.  You only get it by DOING the things that require it.

Here are some tips to help you develop mental toughness in your business:

1.  Each day set a HARD GOAL for that specific day.

By hard goal I mean something that is really challenging.  Don’t avoid challenges, rather intentionally seek them out every single day.  Don’t get caught up in the results of the specific challenge or goal.  If you don’t achieve the day’s hard goal, who cares.  You went after it, and it was hard. That is a victory.  If you do this each day, over time you will get mentally tough.

2. Learn to go a little further.

This one is easy to apply in the context of exercise.  If you are running on the treadmill and you set a goal for 1 hour at a certain speed.  When the hour is done you should ALWAYS push out an extra 5 minutes.   You should always do more when you think you have reached your limit.  Do the same thing in your business.  After you are exhausted at the end of the day, push out another 5 calls.  Before you go to bed, instead of watching the stupid TV, sit down at your computer and fire out 1 more email to someone who can help you in building your business.  If you do this each day, over time you will get mentally tough.

3. When you have a setback (which is inevitable), find a way to make it into a positive learning experience.

Simple habit – each time you experience a setback ask yourself what you learned, and how you can apply this in the future.  This way you won’t get discouraged if you experience setbacks.

4. If you aren’t being pushed to the max, then your primary goals are too easy, look bigger

You become mentally tough by setting big goals.  Big daily goals (point 1) and big primary goals (monthly, annual, lifetime, etc).  If you aren’t being pushed to the max, then you should change your goals.  You’ve set them too small.  If you aren’t having to give absolutely everything you got to achieve them, then your goals are too small, and you won’t develop mental toughness.

5. Confront the “Brutal Facts”

Each goal has “brutal facts” associated with it.  That is, if you are going to achieve the goal there are some tough things that you are going to have to do.  You develop mental toughness by learning to “confront” these facts right off the bat.  Instead of ignoring the facts, being ignorant to them, or complaining when they present themselves, just confront them.  This principle applies to all aspects of life – any pursuit.  Any worthwhile pursuit has associated pain.  Confront the pain right off the bat.  Tell yourself “I know I have to walk through this, but I’m ok with that”.  That will make you mentally tough.

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