A Simple Concept Powerful Enough To Change Your Entire Life

No one is coming

The most powerful concept that I’ve ever encountered is something that will scare most people.

It is something that most people will innately resist because all of our social conditioning, all of our spiritual beliefs (if we have them), all of our insecurities, fears, and anxieties desperately want this concept NOT to be true.

All of the assurances and assistance of loving and well-meaning mentors, parents, support networks, friends, partners, counsellors, suggest that this concept in fact ISN’T TRUE.

But if it were true – the way that we approached life would drastically change, and if you lived AS IF IT WERE TRUE then your life would immediately change as well.

You’d be more assertive and self-responsible, you’d have more self-esteem, you’d take greater action, you’d be more courageous, you’d be less concerned about what others thought, you’d organize your time better, you’d be more grateful, and you’d be happier.

I know – because I’ve been attempting (with my best efforts) to live this concept for several years and I have watched all of these things improve in my own life.

Here is the concept:

I am entitled to nothing, and no one is coming to help me.

Do you think you can live this concept?

I know I’ve sure had trouble with it, for all of the reasons noted above, and as a result, at one time in my adult life I thought that I was entitled to happiness. I thought I was entitled to success.  I thought I was entitled to an empowering career, and everything that went with it.

This entitlement mentality led me to be passive, and then when things didn’t initially transpire the way I wanted them to, I started to believe that I was a victim.  I started to become disempowered

Everything changed when I stopped feeling entitled.  Everything changed when I realized that if I wanted change, then I had to change.  No one could fix the circumstance but me. 

I can absolutely assure you that the closer I get to living this concept the closer I also get to living my personal best, reaching my own unique potential, and the happier I also get.

Everything we know to be true about life resists this idea – that we are alone.  We don’t want it to be true.  We’ve been brought up to believe that it isn’t true.  We’ve been continually assured that there are people there to help us, forces that will “assist us” and give us what we want.  We have been conditioned to believe that if we will just be good people, and work hard then everything will work out.

What if that’s not that case?  What if we truly aren’t entitled to anything?  What if we are truly on our own?

I don’t know the answer to that question, and personally I don’t believe that it’s the case (that we are truly on our own).

However, I know with certainty that when I LIVE as if I’m entitled to nothing, when I live as if I’m not guaranteed any form of success, I’m not guaranteed any type of handout, and no one is coming to bail me out, this is what happens:

  • I ferociously attack life with a spartan-like work ethic;
  • I’m as brave as a loving parent protecting their child from a kidnapper;
  • I’m as resourceful as I can possibly be;
  • I constantly look to add value because I know that nothing is certain, and nothing is entitled;
  • I manage my time like it’s life’s most precious gift; and
  • I am so grateful for everything good in my life, and I feel gratitude every day just for having another day to go after my dreams

Do those sound like things you want?

If you want them, you don’t have to necessarily believe that you are alone, and that you are entitled to nothing, and that no one will save you.

But you have to act like it. 

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