internal fulfillment

What Happens On The Inside


Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right. (Henry Ford)

More and more I believe that what happens on the “inside” is a far greater indicator of our ability to achieve a goal than anything else.

Any objective advantage that we might have by way of talent, a predisposition to action, smarts, or physical prowess can be rendered instantly useless in the presence of a weak emotional ecosystem and self-image.

Any disadvantage that we might objectively face is easily neutralized in the presence of a empowering mental self-image and emotional ecosystem.

Successful people know that they are going to be successful.  People who struggle believe that they are going to struggle. 

It is uncanny.  No matter how many biographies of successful people that I read I see the exact same pattern.  The successful person possesses a powerful internal emotional state.  They just believe that they are going to achieve what they want. It is only a matter of time.

I’ve seen it over and over again in my own life, and in my business.  The things that I pursue, that I truly believe that I will succeed in, I end up succeeding in.  The things that I pursue, where I doubt my ability to achieve, unless I can work on my inner belief system, I will inevitably struggle.

That isn’t to say that people who are successful don’t fail – no everyone fails at some point.  But successful people don’t define themselves, or alter their belief systems, because of a short term failure.

They believe that eventually, somehow, at some point the tide will turn and they will be successful.  So they keep at it. But what fuels them is their inner belief system.  The “inner” is so strong that any temporary failure is just a feedback loop that allows them to correct their behaviour and come back on the next go round much stronger. 

People with a weak “inner” ecosystem don’t react in the same way.  They allow the short term setbacks to define their reality.  But in essence their reality was defined long before they even started.  It was defined by their inner belief system.

In our business we train sales consultants to be successful, and this principle holds true 100% of the time – whether a consultant thinks they can, or thinks they can’t – they are right.  Belief always wins.  Our expectation of our potential always becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

People who believe that they are going to succeed, do in fact succeed.  People who believe that they will struggle do in fact struggle. 

I think that whenever we set a new goal, before we jump into our plans on “how” we are going to achieve that goal, we check our “inner” self and make sure that we actually believe that we are capable of achieving the goal.  If we don’t believe that we can actually achieve the goal then a plan, no matter how strategic or precise that plan may be, will be useless. 

We have to fix the inner world, before we can experience what we want in the outer world.

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