My Career Inspiration Is A Character From A 1980s Kids Show


Who is your career inspiration?

If you could model anyone in your career – who would it be?

Do you want to be a famous innovator like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk?  Maybe a charismatic mover and shaker like Mark Cuban, Donald Trump or Sheryl Sandberg?

Nah, not me. I’m not into celebrities. 

Maybe someone rich and famous.  Like someone on the Forbes list?  Or Jay-Z?  Do you want to own companies, have millions (or billions) of dollars?

No. Money isn’t my main driver in life.

There isn’t really a “correct” answer to this question.  We all get to answer it in our own unique way. 

Me – my career hero is a six inch, green, alien looking character from a 1980s kid’s TV show.

I want to be a Doozer.

You know – that tiny, loveable, semi-naked (save for their tool belt) martian, often sporting a fashionable mustache and hot yellow boots from the show Fraggle Rock.

Ya those.  I want to be like them.

Here’s why:

Doozers Make Cool Stuff 

I want to make cool stuff too.  Mostly the “stuff” that I want to make are words (or combinations of words).  But I’ll also make ideas, and I’ll make businesses too.  I want to make stuff, and I want it to be cool and beautiful, just like the Doozers.

Doozers Build For The Sake Of Building

Have you ever noticed that there aren’t any real estate agents or developers that hang around the Doozers?  They aren’t looking to sell their wonderful “Doozer Stick” creations made of Radish Dust.  They build for the sake of building.  The act of building is its own reward.  That is what I want in my career as well.  I want to be rewarded, intrinsically, each day for the work that I do.  I want to transcend the need to get “stuff”.  I want to overcome the carrot and the stick.

Doozers Aren’t Bothered By Failure 

Have you ever noticed (if you’ve watched the show) what happens when the Fraggles smash (and eat) the Doozer’s beautiful architecture?   They don’t really get bothered.  They just go on building. They are the most resilient creatures that have ever been created (in my humble opinion).  Failure?  Set-back?  Tragedy?  What’s that.  They just pick up where they left off and get back to creating their art.  I want to be like that.

The Doozers Don’t Need To “Escape” From Life Through TV or Other Distractions

They have found their purpose, and they wholeheartedly are engaging in it.  They know why there are on this earth and their work gives them meaning.  Their work gives back to them.  Their work is fulfilling.  They don’t take jobs that they hate just to make more money or drive a better Doozer car (I think their only cars are construction cars anyway) or a better Doozer house (they all live happily in the Doozerdome)

Granted they could be a little friendlier to the Fraggles, and their communal living arrangement smells a little too much like communism for me.

But these are just small details.

They are still the best.  My career hero is a Doozer.




One comment on “My Career Inspiration Is A Character From A 1980s Kids Show”
  1. VocareMentor says:

    I don’t know anything about Doozers – but I like what you like about them. Good Post.

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