This Is Why You Are Awesome

Meghann Clements

  • You set goals and you go after them.  You encourage me to do the same;
  • You don’t settle. You know what you want, and you don’t deviate.  You’ve inspired me to do the same;
  • You don’t need a reason to “care about others”.  You just care about others because it is who you are. Selflessness is your default position;
  • Going after your dreams, and doing what you love, isn’t a new concept for you, or something that was inspired by something you’ve read, or a video you recently watched.  It’s your normal state of mind – always has been;
  • You are the reason that I am pursuing my dreams. Without your support I don’t think I’d have the courage;
  • You are proof that having a successful career, and being a successful wife and mother aren’t mutually exclusive undertakings;
  • You cherish diversity in thought and belief.  Differences are beautiful to you;
  • You cry sometimes during O’ Canada;

Meghann Clements

  • You are really smart.  I really value your advice, especially in dealing with other people;
  • You believe that comfort zones are meant to be broken.  You practice what you believe in this regard.  That’s why you are so good in business.  You also inspire me to push past my own resistance;
  • You work like a Spartan.  It is really hard to match your work ethic;
  • You like to experiment with food, places, and experiences.  It makes life rich;
  • You are risk tolerant.  You believe that risk enhances life;
  • You “get” the concept of internal rewards. You aren’t driven by getting “stuff” or what people think about you.  You care more about relationships and experiences;
  • You like play.  You become a little girl around your puppy.  This makes me smile.

me and meg 2

  • You are so mentally tough.  You don’t feel the need to vent.  You are the strength that others look to;
  • You live flow.
  • I’m happy when I’m around you.  When I’m with you I want to be the best version of myself.

Happy Birthday!  You’re The Best.

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