My Five Favorite TED Talks

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As I prepare for my upcoming TEDx talk in Kelowna on September 26th I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks.  I love TED.  It is such a brilliant concept and collective – “ideas worth sharing”.

So in honor of my appreciation for TED, I wanted to share my top 5 all-time favorite TED talks.

In no particular order, here they are (and the reasons why I love them)

1. David Blaine – How I Held My Breath For 17 Minutes

Why I Love It: Believe it or not, this was in fact the first TED talk that I ever watched.  It made me want to find out “what was possible” in my life as well, and attempt to do things (albeit not quite as extreme) that other people didn’t think possible either.

2. Ben Zander – The Transformative Power of Classical Music

Why I Love It: The concept of “shining eyes” (watch the talk).  I love teaching and speaking.  I want to be as effective as a communicator as Ben Zander is.  This is a very powerful talk on how we learn, how we listen, and how a teacher knows if they are effective.

3. Seth Godin – How To Get Your Ideas To Spread

Why I Love It: Easily the most influential writer, in my eyes, in terms of getting results in our business.  Through Godin I’ve learned about tribal marketing, how to get ideas to spread, and how to stand out.  Critical for anyone wanting to make it in business today.

4. Diana Nyad – Extreme Swimming With The World’s Most Dangerous Jellyfish

Why I Love It: I love the concept of an “extreme dream”. I love pushing myself to the limits of my capacity.  You cannot watch this talk without being inspired to test your own limits.

5. Sting – How I Started Writing Songs Again

Why I Love It: I’m a writer.  I live in the creative space.  So learning from other creatives is important to me.  This talk isn’t just about writing.  It is really about having a dream, and not letting anything get in your way of accomplishing it.  A must watch in my opinion.


2 comments on “My Five Favorite TED Talks”
  1. wendyvn13 says:

    So how do you find these TED talks Ryan? When you first posted that you were going to do this TED talk I started searching (obviously not very well … lol) but never found any.

  2. Hi Wendy – simple, just go to There are thousands of talks there.

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