Success Leaves Clues


Here is something really cool (that you may or may not realize):

It is very unlikely that you will be the first person to do anything in your life.

Does this demotivate you?  Are you uninspired now?  Are you sad that there is a very good chance that someone else will have first accomplished what you make your life purpose to achieve?

Not me – best news ever! 


Simple – I have a roadmap now.  I can find out the intelligent approach to achieving what I want to achieve.

Life isn’t a race anyway.  I could care less if someone else has already accomplished what I want to achieve.  I think it is awesome because I can retrace their steps.  I can do the things that they did to achieve what they achieved, and I can duplicate their success.

I operate under a presupposition that if someone can do something, then I can do it as well.  So when I know that someone else has achieved what I want to achieve, and I can determine the steps that they take (by talking to them, reading a book that they wrote, listening to a talk that they gave) then I am in a very good position to accomplish the same achievement.

Now it is possible that you are a once in a generation innovator – that you will indeed be the person to do something that no one else has ever done.  I think that we all strive for that in some way, and I sincerely hope that each of us can achieve this unique conquest (if it is in fact something that we care about, and something that adds value to others).

However, the vast majority of the rest of our life will be comprised of pursuing things that at least one person has in fact accomplished prior to us.

So I embrace the fact that success leaves clues, and it is exciting to me to know that all I have to do is find them, duplicate them in my own actions, and I can also experience the desired result.


2 comments on “Success Leaves Clues”
  1. Joseph says:

    great angle Ryan. I also like to use a self eval kind of question to be used between two people who work together. Each writes their own list of best attributes and then their biggest blockers on 1/2 of a page. Then trade pages and you write what you also see that is really great about your colleague and how you refute some or most of their blockers. Trade back and get a refill because there is going to be a phenomenally uplifting conversation about to start. Try it

  2. Thanks Joseph! Appreciate the comment

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