My “Why Not” Manifesto

Why Not Manifesto

We’ve travelled to the tropical north of Australia – Queensland – and we are staying right now at a little spot on the coast called Yorkeys Knob, about 20 km north of Cairns.

This morning I went for a run on the beach outside the condo that we’re staying at. I started my run at 5:45am, and there was a dim glow just starting to peak out from the ocean horizon in front of me.

There was no one on the beach at this hour. I was alone. It felt like I was running on a deserted island, but it was perfectly peaceful. The low tide revealed an assortment of new shells on hard packed sand as I ran. There was no visible wildlife, although I could see the fresh holes in the sand that the ghost crabs had dug only hours before, and I could hear, in the distance the sound of a kookaburra bird.

I ran for several miles until I came to a break in the beach, where the ocean had carved a stream inland. From this point I looked up, and saw the orange hued clouds rising above a bluish orange sky. The water at this hour, because of the reflection of the moon and rising sun, had almost a metallic glow to it – like my own private sea of platinum.

I looked up and saw a bright crescent moon, surrounded by stars. I could see the light of the moon and the stars, as I felt the gradual warmth of the rising sun. It was one of the most peaceful, serene moments that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I stood there for several minutes taking in the beauty of the world that I stood alone, at that moment, appreciating.

As I stood there all that I could think of was two simple words:

Why Not?

It’s almost like the beauty and serenity of this place empowered me with a mindset that anything in life, which seems worth pursuing, is in fact worth pursuing. Why not?

It is funny, in this setting I could have easily felt entirely insignificant – just a small spot of nothing in the vast expanse of the world, let alone the universe.

But I felt the opposite, I felt strength, a sense of wonder, and an overwhelming sense of curiosity to discover more of this world – not just its physical marvels, but also to discover how the world could open up to me if I would continue to engage my passions, stand up in the face of my fears, and pursue the desires of my heart.

I took out my phone, and on the notepad I started to write down any idea that same to me.  Effortlessly, while in this empowered emotional state, this is what I wrote:

Everything good that I have in my life has come about because I was willing to trust my own intuition.

Even in the face of risk, and criticism, the most empowered moments of my life have been the times where I felt a personal calling to pursue something, and I pursued it independent of the risk.

I am a conscious creator, and although I may seem small, when compared to the world, I have the capacity to dream, I have the capacity to think, and most importantly I have the ability to consciously direct my actions so that I can bring to life my thoughts and dreams.

I have the ability to turn a thought into its real counterpart. 

This endowment – the ability to turn thoughts into things – is something that I possess. However, if I allow fears, or the opinions of others to, in any way, influence the decisions that I take in my life then I am giving away my power. I have no interest in giving away my power.

Why not?

Why not go after every single crazy, wild dream that comes my way?

Am I scared of failure – no. Why? Because I’ve failed before, and I can handle it, so failure doesn’t have power over me.

If failure doesn’t have power over me, and I am resolved not to give away my power – my ability to create, to turn thoughts into things – then there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t chase every single dream, aspiration, desire or goal that comes my way.

Why Not?

Life is short, but life is also really wonderful, and beautiful when I am engaged in it.

So I resolve to engage fully in all aspects of my life. Wonder is life’s precious gift, and there can be no wonder, without discovery, and there can be no discovery without bold action taking.

Action taking – the ability to act, independently – lies at the heart of personal empowerment.

Why not?  Life is an experiment for me to try.  Anything that someone else can do I can do also if I pay the same cost.  Why not go after whatever it is that makes my heart sing. 

I think I’m going to print this out when I get home – I’ll call it my “Why Not Manifesto.”

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