If You Can Do It, I Can Do It – If I Can Do it, You Can Do It


If you can achieve it – I can achieve it also. 

If you can obtain a result that I want, then I can obtain the same result.

It’s never a question of if, it is always a matter of “how”, and, most importantly, “whether I am willing to pay the same price that you’ve paid.” 

This is one of the most powerful concepts that I’ve ever embraced, and it has had a real impact on me.

I have literally, I mean literally seen it manifest in my life in many real ways.

Basically every success that I’ve experienced in business, writing, speaking, family, life in general, is a consequence of first seeing someone else achieve the result that I personally wanted, then embracing the belief that because they were capable of achieving it I was also capable of achieving the same thing, then paying the same cost to get it. 

Likewise, in everything that I’ve tried and failed at – either I wasn’t willing to pay the cost, or I didn’t use an effective strategy (my “how” was flawed). 

Sometimes people will say that my theory is wrong – there are certain things that I literally could never accomplish.

For example – there are certain genetic factors that would have prevented me from accomplishing certain athletic endeavours in my life (like making the NBA for example).

My answer to that is – perhaps.  They are probably right in a very limited number of cases where a genetic pre-disposition, one that I don’t possess, would have limited me from achieving something.

However you could also argue that I wasn’t willing to pay the price.  Steve Nash had a pretty good NBA career didn’t he? And he doesn’t have the genetic advantages of a Lebron James.

What about something like music?  Is it only the “American Idol” singers blessed with the best vocal chords that make the best musicians.

A quick scan of my iTunes, and some of my favourite singers – Tom Petty, Neil Young, Mumford & Sons, Rolling Stones – would reveal otherwise. I bet every single one of them would have been eliminated in the first round of American Idol.

It seems like there is a large body of scientific evidence coming out on this as well – studies of the importance of grit and how it out performs talent, books on how talent is overrated, and the real indicator of success being practice and “putting in the hours”.

All these seem to support that principle that:

If Person A can create a result, then Person B can duplicate that result, provided they take the same actions. 

This statement presupposes that Person A doesn’t have any unique gifts or circumstance that Person B can’t gain access to.

I like this principle, and I believe in it, I have seen it apply over and over in my life, and I plan to continue to use it to look higher at goals that I have not yet achieved, but hope to one day, using the same process:

Determine what I want.  

Find someone else who has already accomplished it.

Duplicate their actions.

Get the result. 

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