I’m Happier Without a Plan B


If you like practical, safe advice, you are going to really dislike this post.

Let me share a true statement (at least true as it applies to me):

I’m happier when I don’t have a Plan B. 

This is exactly opposite to most of the well meaning advice I’ve received throughout my life.  Stay safe.  Be careful.  Hedge for the future.  Keep your options open.  Build your resume…

Nah.  I’d rather ride Plan A straight to the rocks if necessary.   I’m much happier this way.  

Once I discovered what I uniquely valued in my life – freedom, autonomy, creating things and helping them grow, inspiring and empowering others, adventure, curiosity, contributing value to others – I knew that there was no turning back and there would never be a Plan B.

Plan B wouldn’t satisfy.  Plan A was all that there was.  I had to align what I did in my life with my values, and what I uniquely valued would only really accommodate an entrepreneurial minded career.  That became Plan A.

Plan B was a violation of my unique values.  Plan B was a fraud. Plan B was an assault against my core.

So in my mind I have ditched Plan B.  I have to be successful as an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker.  I have to make good at this.  This has to work for me.

I have no other choice

Can’t you see how powerful eliminating Plan B is in your life?  It turns a “want” into a “must”.

Eliminate Plan B and see how your mindset changes, see how your work ethic changes, observe what time you wake up, and go to bed, observe your passion, energy, drive, enthusiasm, observe your bravery as well.

Having a Plan B causes you to lose the urgency that is critical to be successful in so many ways.

All the people that inspire me, at some point, eliminated Plan B.  The only Plan was Plan A. 

Don’t play safe.  Don’t hedge. Ignore the advice your primary teacher gave you.  Embrace your values.  Only create one plan, and then work at it the rest of your life.



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