Creator or Critic? You Choose


Have you ever noticed how full of critics the Internet is? I’m not talking about positive, constructive critics.  I’m talking about loud, annoying, critics.

Have you ever taken the time to read the comments on YouTube videos, TED talks, blog articles, opinion pieces – I could go on?

It is amazing how full of hate some of them are.  It is amazing how quick people are to tear down something that someone else has created.

Most of the time critics hide behind the anonymous luxury that the Internet allows – a non-descript “user-name” with some picture of a famous person – you know what I’m talking about.  We’ve seen them all before.

Why is it that people feel the need to act this way?

Is it because they don’t have positive goals? Is it because they don’t feel secure in themselves? To me it seems like a tremendous waste of time, and energy – energy that could be better spent actually creating something themselves.

Creating something takes courage.  Sharing that creation with other people takes even more courage.

I take my hat off to every creator – in every form.  Whether it is an attempt at a song on Youtube, a meaningful heartfelt blog article (even if the grammar and spelling isn’t perfect) or a piece of art shared on Tumblr that may or may not ever sell.

I take my hat off because at least they had the guts to share their creation with the world, and not use their energy to simply tear down other people. 

Could you imagine a world where people acted to each other’s faces the way that they do on YouTube or on Blogs?

Seriously – try to imagine it:

Someone is walking down the street, and out of nowhere, unsolicited, an angry person walks up to them and immediately insults them, using vile language, racial slurs, sexual innuendoes, whatever disgusting and putrid thing they can think of, and then simply walks away with anonymity.  

As crazy as that sounds that happens every day, times several million, on the Internet.

Strange thing – how something so incredible, so world changing, can become a tool for such immature, dis-empowering silliness.

I know that the people who engage in this behaviour probably won’t ever read this, and that the people who will read it, don’t ever act this way.

But if in the very slim chance that someone who has a habit of slinging hate on the Internet reads this post – just take a moment, before you pen your next brilliant comment – and pretend you can’t hide behind your anonymous veil to make the comment you’re going to make.  Pretend you have to say it directly to the person, while looking them in the eyes – would you still do it?

Better yet – use that energy and create something yourself. 


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