Just Start: Tomorrow Is Always More Difficult Than Today

starting line

Let me tell you a true story. In June of 2012 I officially quit my practice as a lawyer to go full time as an entrepreneur.

From 2009 to my “departure month” in 2012, my wife and I worked like crazy to get our home based business to the point that it could support a full time income.

During this time I was learning a ton about small business marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship – all from the “University of actually running a business” while I was concurrently pursuing a graduate degree in “overcoming my fear and stop caring about what others think of me.” I started blogging, and had several posts that got really good traffic. Then I thought, “I should capture my ideas in a book.”

Well I sat on that thought for two full years without taking any action on it.

I’d blog, but there wasn’t a single step taken on materializing the idea of getting a book done. Then in the fall of 2012 I went to a business leadership conference. At the conference there was a speaker, about my age (early thirties at the time), who had a book and was giving a talk based on the concept from his book. As he spoke I felt a tremendous surge of motivation because I realized that the only difference between us was that he had actually sat down and written a book, while my book hid inside my head buried under a pile of internal resistance.

As soon as I got home from the conference I immediately (literally the next day) went to a local coffee shop determined to start my book. I forced myself to sit down and create a structural outline of my now published book.

Here is the powerful lesson that I learned that day:

Starting the book in 2012 wasn’t any easier then it would have been in 2010. In fact, it was probably more difficult. 

In 2012 there were more reasons that I could think of as to “why” I couldn’t do it, there were more fears, there were more self-doubts.

We really deceive ourselves if we think that things will get easier in the future. They won’t. They get harder. If you are having difficulty getting that business started today, it won’t get easier in a year. It will be more difficult. If you’re having trouble blogging today, it won’t get easier in two years. It will be more difficult. If you’re dreaming of that book, it won’t be easier to write when “things settle down.”  Things never settle down.

Here is a philosophy that has utterly changed my life:

Today I’m going to take action on my passion.

Plain and simple – tomorrow is always more difficult than today. Right this moment is the moment of least resistance. If your heart sings to do something – start it today. Start it right now – even a tiny action forward.

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