What Part Of Your Work Makes Your Heart Sing?



I think part of my subconscious has always wanted to be an entertainer – a singer, maybe even a rockstar.  There’s only one (major) problem: I can’t sing.  Despite what my Mom told me growing up, my voice is no good (although I do appreciate the unconditional love anyway mom!).

It has nothing to do with the fame, money, etc that comes with being a rockstar.  I’ve always been intrigued at the way musicians lose themselves in their music, and how, when a great musician is performing, they seem to be a perfect example of the power of flow – when a person’s whole self, mind, body, everything, is connected to a unified purpose.  I find that really inspiring.

I also really love when a musician sings from their heart.  It moves me when I hear a singer perform a song that is personally meaningful – when you can hear their heart and soul coming through the music and the lyrics.  This is what makes some entertainers great.  The older I get, the more I am finding myself gravitate to musicians with substance – musicians who use music to tell stories.

You can actually FEEL the music. It is much more than an auditory experience, it is an emotional experience.

You hear their heart sing

While I know that I will never be a rock star (in a conventional sense), I have discovered that I can emulate this emotional conveyance.

I can be a rock star in my work, and I can consistently share what makes my heart sing.

What do I mean by “makes my heart sing”?

It definitely captures passion, but I think it goes a little beyond.  It covers the most meaningful parts of who you are as an individual.  You could say that it comprises part (or the whole of) your life’s purpose.  It is why you are here.  It is what distinguishes you from every other person on this earth. It encompasses your unique talents and gifts and combines them with how you want to contribute to the world. It excites you. It gets you going.  It is the first thing that pops into your head when you are asked:

What do you love about your work? 

I believe that if there is nothing in your current work that makes your heart sing, then you are in the wrong line of work.  You need to change, as quickly as possible, and stop telling yourself stories that keep you stuck.  Change now.

But the reality is that an extreme change isn’t likely for most people.  Most people have at least one thing about their work that makes their heart sing.  What is it for you?

I am a writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and marketing consultant.  Here is what makes my heart sing in my work:

  • Being unconventional, in my career, and helping others to do the same.  Resisting the ways that “things have always been done” and creating my own design.  Being authentic in everything I do;
  • When people tell me that I can’t do something (or I don’t have the experience or knowledge) – going out and actually doing the exact thing that I’m told I can’t;
  • Being so caught up in my work – so in flow – that time disappears, and before I know it the day has passed and I’ve been completely absorbed by the moment;
  • Setting massive goals in my business (goals that are audacious and ridiculous) and then sprinting to get them;
  • Hitting flow, while writing, and then having someone contact me and tell me that something that I wrote helped them to achieve an empowering mindset, overcome a fear, or accomplish a goal;
  • Establishing lines of passive income through my businesses thereby freeing myself from the “time equals money” trap that captures so many;
  • Hitting flow while giving a public speech, talk or workshop and really connecting with the audience. Conveying information to them that adds real value to their life, or business, and being able to talk about this information, one-on-one, with them in the future;
  • Recognizing people within our organization for their achievements and seeing their face light up and beam with positivity – watching someone’s emotional state change;
  • Researching marketing methods and business systems, learning new ways to do what I do better;
  • Conducting life and business experiments – taking a method that I learn, applying it to my business, and seeing the results I get.  If I find that it works then sharing the method with other people;
  • Designing creative marketing initiatives to spread our business worldwide;
  • Online marketing – the Internet makes my heart sing. I love designing ways to spread our business online;
  • Building systems in our business (again to free my time to do the things that I love);
  • Analyzing the inner workings of our business, “taking apart the motor” and “cleaning it”.  Constant refinements and improvements to make what I do great;
  • Coaching someone to design a marketing plan that gets them real results;
  • Building a strategic marketing or brand plan for someone – especially one that is unconventional, authentic (and perhaps even a little bit vulnerable);
  • Helping other people to do work that really matters to them;
  • Really connecting with people, learning their stories, and being inspired by them;
  • Sharing my story in a way that inspires someone else to step outside of the conventional path, and attempt to do something unique;
  • Taking risks in our business, my writing, my speaking (and in the process doing things that scare me) – swinging for the fence and attempting a home run.  Dreaming massive dreams and then fighting with all I have to get them;
  • Freeing myself from societies reward system. Hitting intrinsic flow. Finding enjoyment in the day to day aspects of what I do thereby creating the most powerful freedom of all – the freedom of the mind.

Holy cow – I’m fired up now!  Time to get to work.


One comment on “What Part Of Your Work Makes Your Heart Sing?”
  1. neurka says:

    infectious!! great list. helped me realize a lot of things i took for granted. Thank you!!

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