I’m Crazy About Maci

maci and jojo

When you were a just a little girl, Joe wrote you a song (which I dearly wish we would have recorded) expressing to the world how crazy we were about you.  You probably don’t remember it, but I saved the words:

We’re going crazy about Maci

She’s Canada’s answer to our dreams

We’re going crazy about Maci

She’s more fun than a bowl of Ice Cream

When she tells us: I love you

Makes it feel it’s all worth while

When she sings these songs by the wiggles

The world can’t help but smile

We’re going crazy about Maci

She’s Alberta’s most perfect wild rose

We’re going crazy about Maci

From her dirty blond hair to the jam of her toes

She told us not to seek the treasure

She said she thought we wuz a toad

She gives us all so much pleasure

She’s a Quebec sunbeam a la mode

We’re going crazy about Maci

I think the girl’s quite adorded

We’re going crazy about Maci

To bad Kundra can’t get on board

She loves Dora the Explorer

She’s fond of Bob the Builder too

She loves Ozzie and her Shirley

With their red and silver poodle doos 

I want you to know that we are crazy about you too, just like Joe.

It’s your 11th birthday today.  I’m way too young to have an 11 year old!

You are the perfect embodiment of all the characteristics that I hope to be:






When I think about who I want to be, the type of example that I want to give to you, through my actions, I often chuckle because you are already that.

Maybe that’s why you are in my life, to just be you, and by doing that, constantly remind me of the person that I need to be.

Never stop being you.  It is the best version. 

If you think that today is a good day for an arbitrary “80’s Day” well then have at it!

If you feel so inclined to sing, then sing your little heart out.

If you want to create something – like that atrocious tin-foiled monstrosity of a giant cardboard robot that you affectionally named “Rickson” – create my girl, create.

I love you.



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