My “One-Page Monthly Plan” System


Here is a system that I use in my life.  It works really well, and it allows me to remember my long term goals and still make the most of every single day.  It is simple, efficient, and really gets me results (it makes me happy too!)

It’s my own unique creation and I want to share it with you.  

With this plan I feel that my actions (daily) are constantly aligned with what I want (long term).  Honestly, having a method (system) like this makes my life exciting because each day I can simply glance at my plan, get excited to create, and then work as hard as I can to make it manifest.

So here is my method:

1. The Tool:

I use a single sheet of paper (in my case it is a word file, but I make sure that it can fit on one page).  Why does one page matter?  Because if it fits on one single page then you can post it somewhere where you will see it each day.  It is easy to glance at and get a full sense of what I want in my life, and what I need to do that month to move towards my ultimate goal.

2. What Goes On The Page?

The page is divided into three sections:

  • My personal statement to myself (reminding me to make the most of my life, be the “Hero of my story”).  This is just a simple statement (nothing more than a couple of sentences);
  • What I desire to create in my life:  I literally list out (with specific clarity) what I want to create in my life.  This can be anything for you, whatever it is that you want to create.  Sky’s the limit!; and
  • A specific list of 25 actions that I will take that month to move closer to what I want to create in my life.

That’s it!

Three sections, fitting on one simple page.

3.  What happens with the One Page Plan?

I print multiple copies of it and then I tape one to my office white board and I carry around one with me.  Each day I look at the page, I review my personal philosophy, then I briefly glance at what I want to create long term, then I review my list of 25 and make a specific plan, each day, to accomplish at least one of those.

Once the task is accomplished I take a black (or blue) pen and scratch a wobbly line through it.  This is the fun part.

Seriously, it feels great to scratch out that task.  Each time I scratch a task I feel good about myself, I feel momentum and I’m motivated to do more, and each day I know I have not wasted because I am taking action on the very specific things that are important for me to create.

Try it for yourself!


2 comments on “My “One-Page Monthly Plan” System”
  1. Nice Ryan. And one thing that I like about it, and a reason, I believe, that it works well, is that those 25 tasks must be small. Any one of them could be done in less than a day. Have to be that small since there are typically only 22 work days per month and you have 25 tasks. Making them small like that encourages and reinforces that check mark and wobbly line that feels so fabulous. Having that every day is massive motivation. Nice, Thanks

    1. Thanks Joseph! Yes it really does make a difference. Having that momentum and feeling good about “getting things done” and making progress towards your goals is critical.

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