The “Starting Over Again” Business Strategy


I want to share with you a powerful business strategy that my business partner (and life partner) Meghann taught me through her actions.  It has brought our business massive results.  I call it the “starting over again” strategy.

Let me share a little context before I jump into the strategy.  As direct sellers we have been blessed by earning many free incentive trips from our company Scentsy.  Our most recent trip was to Greece.  It was amazing.

We both work hard to get these trips, and one day not too long ago, Meg shared with me a mindset that she personally uses when planning out her actions to earn the trips.

She said that she pretends (in her mind) that she is a brand new business owner.  Then she asks herself this question “if I were a brand new consultant, what actions would I take?” Then she tries to take those actions.  She literally pretends that she is starting over again. Her business is at 0, and she wants to make it great.  That is the foundation that she uses to start her plan for the next goal. 

So simple, yet so powerful.

Success can really be a hurdle to future success.  When you are successful in the past you don’t want to fail. So you stop taking risks.  Also, it is very easy to get comfortable when you are successful, especially when you have a business that is flowing well, where systems have been created, and where cash flow and revenue are consistent.

Failure can also be a hurdle to future success.  When we fail we might be hesitant because we don’t want to fail again (perhaps we suffered in some way because of our failure). We become discouraged, we develop bad habits and inconsistent working patterns.  We become cynical and negative.

The “Starting Over Again” strategy eliminates both the hurdles of success and failure.

Try it, in whatever you are pursuing right now:

 No matter what has happened in the past, success or failure, pretend that you are starting at 0.  Pretend that you are brand new in your business (or whatever else it is that you are doing).  What actions would you take if you were starting over again? If you were starting over again, knowing what you know now, what would you do?   Make a list, and then take those actions. 


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