Unsuited: How We Can Reject Conventional Career Advice And Find Empowerment

Unsuited Book Ryan Clements


Unsuited: Rejecting Conventional Career Wisdom and Finding Empowerment available now through Sense Publishers.

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Book Description

Work.  It’s what we spend the majority of our adult lives doing.  We all want careers that are personally engaging, and financially secure, but often people find themselves professionally unfulfilled, confused, and uncertain about how to make a change that won’t jeopardize their security.

Drawing on his own experience of leaving a financially secure career at a prestigious international law firm to seek out an uncertain path of entrepreneurship, the author shares his unique story about how he became empowered in his career through a process of re-education, and the insightful lessons about career fulfillment they don’t teach us in school.

Unsuited gives powerful insights on how people misinterpret the concept of risk when planning their careers, why, because of the Internet, the career advice our parents gave us is outdated, why the “work to retire” career planning model is a mistake, and why failing, embracing experimentation, and intentionally doing the things that scare us might very well be the most secure path to personal fulfillment.

The book gives practical advice on how to channel mastery and psychological flow into a career, and why pursuing rewards (such as money, praise and accomplishment) will ultimately leave us unsatisfied.  A practical path is laid out for people who want to start doing what they truly value, how to tap one’s inner creative genius, how to use the Internet to share what we love, and how this process can be both personally fulfilling and financially profitable.


2 comments on “Unsuited: How We Can Reject Conventional Career Advice And Find Empowerment”
  1. Julian says:

    “Success does not happen with one event, it happens as a result of many small steps one takes to achieve their desired outcome. Every day, take one small step and watch the magic happen.”
    Ray Bradbury

    One of my favorite quotes on the subject that I have put to memory. Thanks for the reminder and giving a great example.

  2. Julian says:

    Oops, have I been giving the wrong person credit for this quote? I just looked it up online to make sure I remembered it correctly and two websites that I found gave credit to Kathleen Gage. Ryan, do you know for sure who said this? I just thought you might because of all your work on the subject.

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