13 Years of Adventure – What You’ve Taught Me So Far

me and meg

As of today, we’ve been married for 13 years.  Crazy.

Here are some fun facts about the adventure so far:

  • We started with nothing but student loans, a used car with a hole in the front bumper (that was being hidden by a car bra), a couple crappy pieces of used furniture, a lot of CDs, about a thousand dollars to our name (all from wedding gifts), hopes, dreams and a lot of love;
  • We opted not to go on a fancy honeymoon (because we had no money and needed to buy furniture) but since that time we have travelled the world together;
  • We’ve had 7 vehicles (the green Ford with the car bra, the blue Focus, the Minivan you hated lol, that Pontiac that I bought in Ontario and got stolen, that black Saturn that I hated, the Lexus and the Escalade;
  • We’ve lived in six different places (Taber (the two weeks at my parent’s house after our “honeymoon” to Banff), Edmonton, Montreal, Oakville, Calgary, Okotoks);
  • We’ve lived in 11 different houses, townhouses or apartments (including my parent’s house, your Mom and Joe’s place both in Montreal and Morin Heights, and Darryl Orom’s guest house while we were temporarily homeless in Edmonton haha!);
  • We’ve seen the completion of three University degrees together;
  • We’ve had dozens of jobs collectively and have started multiple businesses;
  • Before I met you I hadn’t swam in the ocean.  Now I’ve swam in it over 20 times in different places all over the world;
  • Before I met you I had never eaten Sushi.  Now I love it (particularly the sashimi which you can’t stand ha!)
  • We have three very unique, and wonderful, kids that have brought more adventure, and love into our home.
  • Even though our standard of living has now increased. We still had fun when we had nothing

There are many ways that you have influenced me.  I wanted to share a few:

  • You’re the bravest person that I know.  You continue to help me work though my own fears;
  • Your work ethic is incredible.  Honestly.  I don’t really know anyone who can outwork you.  You are the standard I use to gage my own work ethic;
  • You care more about people than you do money, success or accomplishment.  That is very clear to me;
  • You’ve always encouraged me to do what makes me happy.  You’ve never put pressure on me to be anything other than my authentic self;
  • You’ve taught me that life isn’t truly lived unless there is an element of risk;
  • You’ve taught me not to take myself (or anyone else for that matter) too seriously;
  • You’ve taught me to take my time with the kids and enjoy the little things;
  • You’ve taught me to go after what I really want, and not settle.

Thank you sweetie for 13 great years. I love you.

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