My Next Book


Is going to be about fear.

I’m really excited about Unsuited, and I’m doing my best, day by day, to market it so that it becomes a success.  However, independent of whatever commercially comes from the book, there are two critical things that I gained by writing it:

1. A habit of writing each day; and

2. A love of writing each day.

Neither of these do I ever want to lose.

I started an outline today on the book, and I’ve begun to draft my proposal to various publishing companies.  The deadline that I’ve given myself is December 31, 2015.  If the book isn’t picked up by a publishing company by that point then I intent to self publish, and market it online (Amazon, my blog, etc).

I want to write about fear because I believe that it is a subject matter that everyone has to deal with at some point in their life, and I also believe that there are certain “categories” of fears that all of us experience.

I also know, without a doubt, that my ability to overcome some of my own fears are fundamental to my feelings of well-being, and that there are still fears outstanding that I have to deal with.

Through this book I want to confront them, and really dig deep to the heart of this concept.

Here is a snap shot of the chapter headings that I’ve put together for the book:

Introduction: Why Are We Scared?

Physical Violence And Pain: Our Primal Fear

Alienated From The Tribe: Our Fear of Criticism and Embarrassment

Not Worthy Of Love: Our Fear of Rejection and Our Need For Acceptance

We Aren’t Enough: Our Fear of Failure

What Happens Next? Our Fear Of The Unknown


Stay tuned.  300 words a day. Shooting for 250 pages (roughly 80,000 words).  That puts the first draft done by later this year. Late 2015 publication will give me lots of time to edit and find a publisher. Will include some fun “life experiments” and hopefully will be inspiring to people to help them overcome their fears as well.

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