Old Book, Timeless Meaning


So I started a new job this week.  I’m excited. It’s both entrepreneurial, and it exposes me to new aspects of business that I haven’t dealt with before.  I accepted the role of Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, at Excel Sales Consulting, an international consulting firm that creates customized sales and customer service training solutions to a variety of companies.

My role is grow the business. I do that through a variety of methods, both online and offline.  My job is also to provide training solutions and customer support. I specifically negotiated a non-salaried position, and secured a performance based compensation arrangement.  Risky right?  Wouldn’t most people seek security?

Well I wanted it this way.  I want to be compensated for the real value that I bring to the table.  If I can’t produce, then I shouldn’t be rewarded.  That is the life of an entrepreneur.  The brutal hard realities of business.

Over the past week I dusted off a copy of an old book that I have read several times in my life, and decided to give it another look.  It’s familiar to most people – Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Some people (mostly those who aren’t familiar with what is actually inside the book) may scoff at it’s seemingly superficial “money driven” title. However, if you feel that way it’s likely that you haven’t actually read the book. 

The book isn’t really about money or success (although many people have used the book to create both in their life).  The book presents a simple but powerful concept – we can turn a thought into tangible reality, if we both believe it strongly enough (in that we have faith that the thought will manifest into reality), and we are willing to pay the cost in terms of effort to produce that reality. 

I really believe in this concept, and when I do an inventory of my life I see that in all the successes I’ve had both belief in myself (and my ability to achieve what I sought) and work ethic to back the belief (in that I was willing to, and I did, actually follow through on my actions) was present.  In every failure in my life I either didn’t believe that I was capable of achieving what I desired, or I didn’t back my desire with enough work.

Belief + work.  I believe in that formula.  Now to apply it to my newest venture!



One comment on “Old Book, Timeless Meaning”
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