New To Internet Marketing? Here’s A Tip: Stop Revising And Start Publishing


I first entered the world of internet and online marketing early in 2010.  Late in 2009 my wife Meghann was one of the first consultants to join a brand new direct sales company in Canada (Scentsy).  Her organic sales efforts produced strong results, and so early in 2010 we set a bigger goal, one that would require my efforts as well.  We wanted to take the business across Canada, and expand it to international markets so that we could build a business large enough for me to leave my job as a lawyer (which I found very unfulfilling).

Prior to this engagement I had no experience using the internet to market a business or product.  At this point I was running my own law firm (which I founded), but the nature of what we did (corporate, estates and real estate work) didn’t require a lot of online effort.  Sure we had a website, and we did some modest (and very unimpressive) SEO (search engine optimization), but the reality was that our revenue wasn’t being sourced from the internet, and frankly we had as much work as we wanted through traditional marketing and organic referral efforts.

To me, in 2010, the internet was something new and fascinating.   We believed that there was real potential to take this unique product and spread it widely.  We believed that there was a “tribe” out there, of people wanting to purchase the produce, and engage in the business opportunity, and we were right.  We just had to figure out a way to connect with them.

If law gave me anything in life it was a willingness to engage in (and perhaps even an enjoyment of) research.  So that is what I have been steadily doing since 2010 when it comes to internet marketing.  I have learned from those people who, in my opinion, have best used the internet to produce results.

Here are just a few of the people that I have been “following” over the years as I’ve extended my brand online:

Pat Flynn

Chris Brogan

Seth Godin

Gary Vaynerchuk

Here is something very real that I noticed (early on) that these internet marketing leaders had in common:

They were all EXTREMELY prolific.  They produced.  They produced tons of content.  Tons of articles. Tons of videos.  They produced, produced and produced.  While others were analyzing, planning, revising, and thinking, they were producing. 

Honestly that one strategy (produce) has been at the heart of everything we have done online.

We have had a lot of success online, both in our Scentsy business (in terms of recruiting people and selling the product), and in my own consulting, writing and speaking endeavours.  I am 100% convinced that one of the key reasons (and the most important reason) for any success we’ve had online is that we have simply produced a significant amount of content.

We’ve produced well over 100 training videos relating to Scentsy

Between this blog and several others I have produced close to 500 unique articles on topics ranging from being a home based entrepreneur and sales, to overcoming fear, setting and achieving goals and developing a positive mindset. I have written dozens more unique articles on online articles databases.  I have contributed to 100s of forum discussions, not to mention the thousands of unique links, conversations and engagements that we have created, and shared using pretty much every social media avenue. We have produced, and it is mass production that has created results.

So if you are new to internet marketing, for what it’s worth, my advice is simple:  PRODUCE, and here is a powerful tip that will help you produce:

Don’t treat it like school, but DO treat it like sports. 

In school (generally) a student with strong scholastic ambitions will revise over and over again their term paper or essay before they hand it in.  They have one chance to make it right.  So they have to turn in as close to perfect a product as possible.

The problem, when we apply this mindset to publishing online, is that we become risk adverse.  We stall.  We overanalyze.  In the meantime there is someone else who is PUBLISHING, who is producing tons of content, and that content is getting recognized by the search engines.  Sure they may have the odd spelling or grammar mistake.  Sure some of their first videos are largely garbage (I can attest to this one with our videos) but the reality is that they are PRODUCING.  They are getting better, and they are attracting people, and attracting the search engines with their volume, and you (while you revise) are producing, and attracting, nothing.

Even if you created a “perfect” article for your blog, it still may not go viral, and so then you have just wasted time.  You are better off just producing.  Treat it like sports.  Think volume.  The more that you do, the better you’ll be.  The more that you do, the more the search engines will see you.  The more that you do, the more that other people will see you.

I’ve honestly had many conversations with people who read my blog, and tell me they want to blog, and start using the internet to marketing their business, but they say that they don’t know what to write about, or they say that they have an “article” that isn’t quite ready yet for the public’s eyes.  So they don’t publish.  They don’t produce. In the meantime, while they are wading over their “article”, there are others (like me) who are producing almost daily, and they can’t keep up with our volume.  In addition, opportunities come to those who are producing consistent content.  It has happened to us many times, and it happens to others on the internet who produce consistent content.

So stopping revising and just press publish. 

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