Your Story Is Inspiring To Someone, Somewhere, If You Are Brave Enough To Share It

Your Story

Lining the walls of my office are books, many of which contain biographies of extraordinary and remarkable people.  I have always loved reading the stories of people who create, or achieve, great things, especially if the person had to overcome obstacles, fear or adversity along the way.

It is inspiring to look to notable people as models when we attempt to create our own life story that is unique and fulfilling.  I’ve noticed however, as I continue to write the script to my own unique story, that the “notable” people aren’t the only ones that inspire me.  I am continually inspired by a myriad of people, from all walks of life, most of which don’t have a major publishing company financially backing the distribution of their history.

I have realized that everyone has a unique story, a story that can inspire, if we take the time to listen and learn.

Sure, listening to Steve Job’s Stanford commencement speech is inspiring, but to me, it is equally inspiring to hear a story of micro-entrepreneurial success, such as the stay at home mom who has overcome her own unique odds to find success in a home based business, or the guy who left a secure job to follow a life passion.  In fact, many times the “non-celebrity” story is actually more compelling to me, because I can relate better to the everyday guy than I can to the celebrity,

Your story is inspiring to someone, somewhere, if you are brave enough to share it.  

So share your story.  Publish your opinions.  Have a voice. It will inspire someone, somewhere.


One comment on “Your Story Is Inspiring To Someone, Somewhere, If You Are Brave Enough To Share It”
  1. Our personal stories, no matter how beautiful or ugly they may be, make us who we are and color the world. Great post!

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