Creator or Critic: The Choice Is Ours

Create word

It is hard to step outside of our comfort zone and try to do things differently.  It is hard to succeed in a creative venture. It is hard to start a new business, or do anything that doesn’t involve just taking instructions.

Being a creator takes courage.  It is way easier to just be a critic.  Why take the effort to find our voice when we can just take the easy path of criticizing someone else’s.  

Here is why:

Because being a critic makes us sad.  It really does.  Even if our “critique” is brilliant, and we feel intellectually superior for a very brief moment to the person or thing that we are critiquing, it is nothing compared to the feeling that we get when we use our intelligence to create.  Creating makes us truly fulfilled.  When we critique we don’t fulfill our personal potential, but when we create, we do. 

What does it mean to be a creator?

In my opinion it is any effort where we go outside of our comfort zone to do something that we haven’t done before.  It could be a new business, a creative venture, educating ourselves, or learning a new skill.  This to me is the definition of being a creator: entering into unfamiliar territory intentionally.  Not knowing what will happen, but still pursuing it with courage because it forces us to tap the best that is inside of us. 

Being a creator makes me happy.  I am a creator when I build our business, when I write, when I create fun engagements with my wife and kids, when I study Jiu-Jitsu and learn new things.  I’ve discovered the opportunity for creation is everywhere, and when I embrace the opportunities that are around me, the world comes alive.

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