The Difference Between Those Who Succeed In Direct Sales, And Those Who Struggle


Are you new to the Scentsy business?  Want to know a secret?  Something that everyone who has achieved their goals in this business knows?  Perhaps, you have been in this business for a little while, and you haven’t achieved the results  that you want.  Want to know how to turn it all around?

The truth is, the ONLY difference between those who succeed in this business, and those who struggle, is the difference in their habits.  That is all.  Good habits are the key to success.  Bad habits unlock the door to failure.

When someone masters this principle, they master this business.  We can achieve any goal that we set for ourselves, with time and with patience.

Our entire life is ruled by our habits.  So is our business, and we can allow good habits to take us where we want to go, or we can allow bad habits to hold us back.

So what do bad habits look like in a direct sales business? Here are a few:

  • Complaining or focusing on the negative in life;
  • Being impatient, wanting the results to come too quickly;
  • Staying in a comfort zone;
  • Working the business sporadically, not consistently, and not each day;
  • Being unwilling to experiment and try new things;
  • Using every opportunity to “vent” rather than look for solutions;
  • Being unwilling to invest in the business;
  • Allowing fear to paralyze.

What do good habits in this business look like?  Here are a few:

  • Being a problem solver rather than complaining;
  • Being willing to risk temporary failure by trying new strategies;
  • Working the business every day;
  • Being positive and a leader;
  • Getting outside of the comfort zone;
  • Trying new things, consistently, and embracing experimentation;
  • Being patient;
  • Focusing on actions, rather than rewards;
  • Sharing the product and the opportunity, with a positive vibe, every day;
  • Celebrating other’s successes;
  • Seeing the world as “win-win”;
  • Learning and obtaining knowledge in sales, leadership and about the product;

The power in good habits is that when they are formed, they become easier to perform, and they become more enjoyable.  In the words of Og Mandino:

Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is one’s nature to perform it often.

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