The Ten Most Important Things We’ve Done In Our Business: #2 Proceed With Confidence and Belief


I know it may sound arrogant to say that we knew that we would be successful when we started our business, but it is true.  Anyone who knows Meghann and I knows that we are both confident, but we are not arrogant.  There is a big difference.  You have to have confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.  You have to believe that it will happen.

Someone is going to accomplish what you want.  Why can’t that someone be you? 

One of the biggest eye-openers for us, when we first started, was the realization that someone, somewhere, was going to achieve the goal that we wanted.  If it was inevitable that someone was going to achieve it, why then couldn’t that someone be us?  It could, and we acted from the beginning like it was.  The #2 best thing that we ever did for our business was simply to believe.  Believe that it was possible, and believe that it would be accomplished by us.

Arrogance is rooted in insecurity.  Arrogant people are overcompensating for fear, so they feel the need to push their strengths or abilities in your face. Confident people are different.  They don’t need to be loud.  They like to share with others.  They quietly go about their work. They trust the system.  They know that it will happen for them, as long as they do their part.

That is how it was for us when we first started our business.  We absolutely knew that we would be successful at it.  We knew that it was only a matter of time.  It was never a matter of “if” it was only a matter of “when”.  In 2010 we sat together on a beach in Hawaii (our first incentive trip with the company) and wrote out our goals for what we wanted to accomplish together in our business.  After we had completed the list we just knew that we would do it.  We didn’t know when they would be accomplished, but we absolutely knew that they would happen.

You need confidence.  You need belief.  It is critical.  You have to find it inside of you.

Let me share with you three critical tips on how you can increase your confidence and belief:

1. Find Someone Who Has Already Accomplished What You Want.  You Realize They Are Just Human Like You.  So You Are Capable Of Doing What They Did As Well.

This “humanizes” the imagination exercise, and more importantly it makes it realistic for you.  When you meet someone who has accomplished what you want, you will realize that the person is just a person, like you.  Maybe they’ve been working really hard for a number of years, but you can duplicate what they’ve done.

In my experience it is exceptionally rare to find a person who is so brilliant that they are just a class above everyone else – the type of person that when you meet them you think, “oh they are just so much better than me, I could never do what they do”.  Yes people like that may exist (perhaps in areas like sports) but for the most part, and definitely in the world of entrepreneurship, successful people are just people.  They had a dream.  They backed the dream with strong work ethic, and they stuck at it until they got what they want. They are just like you.

When you meet someone who has accomplished what you want, you realize that they are really no different than you.  You can do exactly what they did as well.  This increases your confidence and builds your believe, especially when you are able to see “how” they accomplished it.  Then the path becomes clear.  Fear and a lack of confidence is almost always just a matter of uncertainty in not seeing the path.  Seeing someone who has already paved the way, and seeing that 99% of what they did was effort and not some unique skill set, lends itself to confidence.

2.  Get Educated.  Learn About Your Industry, Your Product, And What It Specifically Requires To Succeed

Education is power.  I’m not talking about the type of education that results in a “degree”.  As admirable as that kind is, often it is merely the case of memorizing enough data, and paying the necessary fees (I have two university degrees so I can say this from the heart).  There is another form of education, and I think it is more valuable.  It is the applied type.  In business it involves studying your market, studying your product, studying what it will take to be successful.  The more education you get, the less you will feel fear and uncertainty, and the more confidence you will feel.  The more confidence you feel, the stronger your belief will be.

Paradoxically one of the best ways to get educated is to fail.  Those of you who have read my blog in the past know that I preach an “embrace failure” mindset, and I am fond of saying “there is no such thing as failure”.  I believe this to be true. Failure doesn’t exist, results only exist.  Failure is only an interpretation (influenced by society and what you think should happen).  You are free to interpret life however you want to.  I interpret failure as education.  When I see people get discouraged by the smallest set back I think, “if you would just interpret failure as education” then you would be emotionally insulated for life.  You’d never get discouraged.  You’d just adjust, adapt and re-engage.

3.  Embrace the word “Until”

There is magic in the word “until”.  We adopted a mindset early on that we would do what it took UNTIL we got what we wanted.  We would accept Nos UNTIL we got a yes.  We wouldn’t stop UNTIL we had achieved our goals (and then we’d set more goals so we still aren’t stopping).  Operate with a mindset of UNTIL.  If you do this you will have confidence and belief because you have power.  You have power because there is absolutely no quit in you.  You will continue UNTIL you get what you want.  When you truly embrace this you will get what you want, and you will have tons of confidence and belief in the process.


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