The Benefits Of Imagining “What Could Be”


There is far more to using your mind to imagine new possibilities than just the actual realization of those possibilities.

I believe very much that we live in a “material comparison” culture.  It is sad.  Many people are so driven in life to “achieve” but for what?  To get more “stuff”?  To have people “think they’re important?  What a waste.

Every time that I hear someone say “money is the scorecard” I feel sincerely that they have missed the whole point of life

What about creating just for the sake of creating?

What about making something great because of the value that it will give to others, independent of what it will give to you?

What about getting an education, not because you want a job, but simply because you want to learn?

What about doing a great job in your “job”, not because it will get you a promotion, but simply because it feels good to do a good job?

I believe that many people are not motivated by the “intrinsic” value of the actions they perform

This is unfortunate.  There is far more to setting big goals, and imagining and visualizing new possibilities than just the “acquisition”.

Here are some additional (and I would argue much more important benefits):

  • People who utilize their imagination on a routine basis are more creative than those who don’t;
  • When you imagine “what could be” you become internally motivated.  This frees you from the chains of our societal reward system (of carrots and sticks). You don’t need someone or something to trigger your motivation; and
  • You are happy.  Thinking about exciting possibilities makes me happy.  If I ever need a “natural” boost to my psyche I just let my imagination do it.  I think about something that would be fun or cool if it happened and then I make a plan.  Then I take action on that plan.  This process, for me, has  a 100% return ratio on my positive emotional state.  It never fails.  I’m always in good spirits when I engage this “creative implementation” exercise.


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