My Most Loyal And Trusted Friend


shovel to dig on the farm

Everyone who has ever attempted something difficult or risky, everyone who has tried to create something, or start a new venture, has had to deal with feelings of self-doubt, fear and inadequacy.

I’ve dealt with it plenty. I still do.  I’ve second guessed myself many times.  When I left law to work full time on our family direct sales business, not only did I have to deal with many well intentioned individuals issuing the voice of caution, and warning me of the riskiness of my decision, but I also had to deal with my own internal resistance.  My own voice of caution telling me that “this may fail”, “you may end up being embarrassed”, “it is very possible that you could be wrong”.

I still hear these inner voices as I continue to attempt difficult things.  In addition to my desire to further expand our business globally, I am trying to carve out a career as a writer, and I am also trying to learn a wonderfully fulfilling, yet extremely challenging martial art – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  I am constantly confronted with the internal  voice of caution – “no one cares about what you have to say”, “you don’t have the physical abilities to be good at this sport”, “your business is too niche to build into a global enterprise.”

Over the last several years I have made an acquaintance with the most loyal friend a person could have.  My friend is so consistent, so uplifting, so renewing, and so empowering.  Every time I hear the voice of doubt or resistance, my friend takes it away. My most loyal friend is always there to comfort me.

My Most Loyal, And Trusted Friend, Is Self-Directed Hard Work

If I ever feel doubt, fear, or resistance I have learned that by immersing myself in self-directed hard work, the doubt, fear and resistance goes away.  It is the most remarkable discovery of my life.  If I think that no one will ever read a book I write, the best thing I can do is turn out 1000 words.  If I think my business doesn’t have staying power, the very best thing I can do is immerse myself in a full day of new marketing efforts.

It never fails.  As soon as I have exhausted myself I feel great.  I am full of hope, I believe in myself and my vision, and I am super motivated to continue to build.  

So thank you my good and trusted friend.  Self Directed Hard Work.


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