colonel sanders

A little over two years ago I attended an “Unleash The Power Within” seminar by Tony Robbins.  It was great, and yes I did complete the firewalk.

During the seminar, Tony shared a story so remarkable that it permanently stuck.  It was the story of KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders.

The story seemed so remarkable that it was almost unbelievable at first.  When I got home from the event I did additional research to see if I could substantiate, or otherwise refute, what I had heard.  The more I researched, the more I found confirming accounts.

The essence of the legend is this:

Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times IN A ROW before he made his first sale 

He was a simple retiree with a chicken batter recipe that he wanted to license.  That was it.  And the story goes that he received 1009 rejections, consecutively, before he got a yes.

No matter how unhealthy you think KFC is, no matter how silly you may think he looks with that bow tie, that story is impressive.  That story, if it is true, is amazing.

Even if it isn’t true, the principle still holds true: how far are you willing to go to see your dream through

I think about this concept all the time.  Whenever I get a setback, I think, that is only 1.  1008 to go.  I’ve never in my life had to battle that type of resistance…..yet.  Perhaps my goals haven’t been big enough.  Perhaps I need to set goals that will require 1010 Nos before I get a yes.  Something to think about.

How about you?  How resilient are you? Are you willing to get 100 rejections, 200, 1009? What is your number?  How far are you willing to go?


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