In Your Home Based Business, Consistency Is The Key


I have a belief that all human greatness is founded upon routine, that truly great human behaviour is impossible without this central part of your life being set up and governed by routine.  All greatness comes out of an investment in time and the perfection of skills that render you great.  And so, show me almost any truly great person in the world who exhibits some kind of extraordinary skills, and I’ll show you a person whose life is governed largely by routine (John Danaher).

You NEED consistency in your home based business.  Let me repeat yourself – you NEED consistency.

If you don’t have it, then your business will not last long term.  Running your business in bursts will not give you great results over time.  There is power in consistency, systems and routines.

Here is a simple trick to build more consistency in your business.  I call it the “grid technique”.

Take a piece of paper.  At the top of the paper write each day of the week.  Each day will form a vertical column. Then on a separate piece of paper make a list of all the “things” (systems, habits, routines, acts) that you need to consistently do in your business.  Then simply take the list and insert each act into one of the columns.  Once you are done, you have a weekly plan for your business.

You can adapt the plan over time, but the key is that you are intentional, you are direct, you are consistent.

Don’t leave your success to chance.  Be deliberate. Be consistent.

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