If You Do A Home Based Business – Treat It Like A Real Job, Show Up For Work Every Day

van gough worker

It bugs me how many people market their home based businesses on the internet:

You usually see imagery of a beach, with a guy (or couple) who tell you about their amazing life of freedom and then give some “law of attraction”, mindset, type pitch about how their life was changed in a very short time (often in less than a year).  You know the ads.  I see them every day on my facebook feed.  Since I’m a home based business professional, Facebook targets me in their algorithms.  If you do a home based business you likely see them as well.

Here is the thing….

It is possible that the guy with the pony-tail is telling the truth.  It is POSSIBLE that he really did go from making $10,000 a year and barely able to pay his rent, to driving that Ferrari (that isn’t leased).  It is POSSIBLE that the law of attraction really did work in his favour, and the moment that he decided that we wanted something in his life that the universe conspired to give it to him.  It is POSSIBLE….

But It Isn’t Very Likely

It is much more likely that he is trying to deceive you to sign up in his downline, and it is also very likely that you are deceiving yourself.  It is very very real, that you can build a profitable home based business.  Meg and I have done it with Scentsy.  We’ve attained the highest rank in the company, and the business supports our family full time.

If you’re wanting to have a home based business that makes really good money you’ll have to work hard, and long, just like you’ll have to work hard and long in any non-home based business to make it successful.

You’re going to have to do the work.  You’re going to have to show up every single day.

Here is some advice for you. Take it from someone who knows from experience.  If you want to have a professional home based business, then you need to act like a professional.  This is what a professional does:

  • A professional works, every single day, except for the days that they have pre-planned as vacation;
  • A professional is committed over the long haul;
  • A professional is patient and seeks order and consistency in what they do;
  • A professional acts in the face of fear;
  • A professional makes no excuses;
  • A professional is prepared;
  • A professional dedicates himself to mastering their product and technique; and
  • A professional endures adversity and does not take failure personally.

Don’t trick yourself.  That guy or girl or couple you see on the “law of attraction” type advertisement, they probably don’t exist.  But you can have a great home based business if you’ll just put in the work.


One comment on “If You Do A Home Based Business – Treat It Like A Real Job, Show Up For Work Every Day”
  1. Joyce Copp. says:

    Thanks Ryan,Love It

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