Lifestyle Design: Our Story Of Entrepreneurial Success

I have a unique life.  It is one that has been intentionally designed.  It hasn’t been easy to create it.  But it is possible.  My wife and I are living proof that you don’t need to just accept the “9-5” model that seems so unfulfilling to you.  You can build something unique, and great, and you can also do it from home.

My wife and I are direct sellers and independent business owners with Scentsy.  We have been able to build a very successful and profitable direct sales business.  We hold the highest rank (SuperStar Director) with the Scentsy Family and in 2013 we were awarded Scentsy’s most prestigious award, the peer-nominated “Shining Star Award” at Scentsy’s National Convention in Indianapolis.  We were truly humbled and honoured to receive this award.

We lead a team of many thousands of Scentsy Independent consultants worldwide.  It is an amazing business, and a great passion of ours.  We love empowering new entrepreneurs to be successful.  Seeing others succeed

Shining Star

This business has absolutely changed our lives.  It has given us life and financial freedom.  It has allowed us to contribute and add significant value to others.

It has not been easy.

It has NOT been a “get rich quick” or “next big thing” experience for us.

We DO NOT promote our business the way so many direct sellers do – “get in now before it is to late”, etc.

We believe in this business model.  We believe in the products and we know what it takes to be successful.  It is the same thing that any business needs to be successful.  It take a vision, a plan, a ton of hard work, execution of the plan, persistence, courage, and constant, constant effort.  There is no short cut.

We often get asked how we did it, what our story is, and how others can model it.  I want to share our story.  Hopefully it can inspire and motivate you to attempt something unique with your life.

The beginning of our story is probably familiar to many of you – two busy professionals (social worker and lawyer), struggling in an expensive city to get ahead – trying to balance the demands of work, family, and our relationship. Feeling too often unfulfilled. Loving and wanting to spend more time with our three little ones, but always feeling conflicted with the demands of jobs that were far more necessities than passions. Wondering if this was all life was, wondering whether it could get better and how. Knowing that having to work more to increase the material standard of our life would come at a cost – less time with our family, and less time doing the things that brought us happiness. Both of us struggling with the depressing nature of our jobs and wanting more.

In the fall of 2009, Meghann received an email from a girlfriend from her hometown (she was planning to join Scentsy), so Meghann decided on a whim to give it a shot. She was curious about the opportunity of getting involved with a direct sales company that had just expanded into Canada (although she had never done direct sales).  She signed up without seeing the product, as she had always loved scented candles….and had an issue with remembering to blow them out. The idea of Scentsy, fragrance filled houses with no danger, was a no-brainer.

Her goals at the beginning were simply to sell enough so she could always buy the products and take advantage of host rewards. That was it.  She did not understand what the “other” side of the business was until we earned the first incentive trip to Hawaii in 2010.  This was our first ever “real experience” with the corporate side of direct sales and also meeting other successful consultants.  We approached this trip with a bit of caution.  We had heard many stories about “get rich quick” cultures within direct sales organization.  We didn’t want this type of company.

We were amazed at what we saw.   We met corporate executives who were real, who were honest, who weren’t preaching “get rich quick” or the “next big thing”.  They simply had a product that people loved, and they wanted to set up a sales distribution mechanism that would allow independent consultants to succeed.  It was simple. It was authentic.  It was genuine.

We spent hours by the pool connecting with leaders from the US who were living these incredible lives because of their Scentsy businesses, we were like sponges asking many questions and figuring out that to truly build our dream business we needed to help others build theirs.  We decided that trip that we were going to do exactly that. One night during the trip we went back to our hotel room and talked and decided that everyone here were just “real” people, teachers, nurses, stay at home moms etc, and if they could do it, then so could we. That night we wrote down specific goals for our business and date stamped them, and 15 months after that trip, we hit Superstar Director, the top rank in the company, which was our final goal at the time.

scentsy hawaii

After our Hawaii trip (June 2010) I decided that I wanted to invest in and participate with the business. After meeting Heidi and Orville Thompson (the Founders of Scentsy), experiencing the authentic enthusiasm other the other consultants and the quality of the product, I understood that Scentsy was not just another party product, it was a legitimate business opportunity.

At the time, I owned my own small law firm. I had been to school for many years to get my education but was dealing with the very depressing reality that despite my many years of expensive education I really hated my job.

Like many other law students, I didn’t know what the “practice” of law would be like after I completed school. The long hours, the demanding clients and extremely stressful environment started to take a toll on me emotionally.

I loved my family dearly so each day I would get up and “do what I had to do” to provide for us, but each day as I drug myself out of bed I did it with desperation. This is where I found a new WHY, we would build a business together to the point that it would support us BOTH!

At first the idea was out of this world. I made a very good income as a lawyer, despite hating my job. We thought that the idea of me being able to leave law was a pipe dream, but we decided we’d swing for the fence anyway. What did we have to lose?

I knew that a law career could not fulfill me, and that the practice of law was not my passion, and that I needed to do something that I was passionate about, I needed something much more where I could create, motivate, coach, write, inspire and teach others.

This realization lit a fire under us that was indescribable. We knew that our Scentsy Family business COULD be the way to replace my law career (sounds crazy right????), so in turn I could pursue my true passions and interests (coaching and writing).

That became our new goal, to be able to grow our Scentsy business to a point that we no longer needed the law income and were able to continue in a standard of living that we were used to. This took a serious joint effort, and there were many days that I would work all day at my law firm, only to come home and work on Scentsy late into the night.

In July 2012, our dreams became a reality. We were able to build our business to the point that I could leave law.

I provide business and marketing coaching to our ever growing team and I take the lead on our marketing efforts. I absolutely love the pure entrepreneurial aspect of this business and love working with our team and providing them with the tools that they need to be successful. It truly has become a family business for us both.

It has also freed me to pursue other passions including writing (I just published my first book Unsuited this past year), and public speaking, without having to worry about paying the mortgage or the bills.

Scentsy goes above and beyond the call of a company in the way it motivates and creates incentives for us. Creating terrific trips to look forward to and establishing pride in the product and our role as consultants is treated with respect.

We were able to earn the Hawaii 2010 incentive trip in our first 4 months of selling Scentsy. Since then we’ve earned many rewards including a laptop and other fun trips (Scentsy paid for our whole family and Grandpa to go to Disneyworld in summer of 2011, Dominican Republic in 2012, and New York City in 2013).

We’ve also been on training trips to the Bahamas, Mexico, Idaho as well as company conventions in Denver, Forth Worth, Las Vegas and Indianapolis. We have also travelled extensively throughout Canada as our team has grown.

scentsy dr scentsy las vegas scentsy mexico Scentsy NY

This past year we also earned an all expense paid trip to Greece:

me and meg

me and meg 2

The vision of Scentsy is authenticity, simplicity, and generosity. The integrity with which this corporation operates is apparent. The philanthropic work that they are involved in makes me proud.

Scentsy as an organization truly represents an “Ethos of Giving”

Scentsy is constantly encouraging consultants to give more than they can take. We have been blessed by our involvement with Scentsy. We have been challenged, and have learned so much about running a small business and what it takes to be successful. We have discovered talents that we didn’t know we had.

This company has also given us the experience of leadership in growing and developing a team. You can’t put a dollar value on relationships, and hands down, our friendships are what we treasure the most…the best part of the business.

We’ve met people who have changed our life for the better, and shown us new tools to grow our business. Each member of our team has a personal story: some are moms suffering from post-partum depression, who needed a change of scenery and self-esteem boost. Others have been people whose spouse has lost a job, or become ill, their extra earnings became a necessity. Other stories, too numerous to mention, but Scentsy has made a difference to each of them.

Now our business is a worldwide enterprise.  We lead and help train thousands of Consultants all over the world.  We have a very large and growing team in Canada, Australia, the UK, the US, Mexico and all over the world, wherever Scentsy is.

You can succeed in a direct sales model if you are willing to do what it takes and stick with it long enough. We are living proof.

If someone tells you about the “next big thing” or how “if you join, within 3 months your life will be changed forever”, in my opinion RUN. It isn’t true. You will probably be disappointed.

However, if you are willing to work. If you believe. If you are willing to be patient and stick with it, you can have great success in this business model.

If this story inspires you, and you are interested in learning about a creating your own empowering story through a Scentsy Independent Business Click Here to Learn More 


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  1. Ryan thank you for dedicating your time to help us all grow and reach out own goals. You and Meghann are such a blessing to us, and an awesome role model of our business!

  2. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.
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