#sfr2013 Live Blogging – Mary Christensen

More live blogging from Convention 2013 in Indianapolis.

Best Selling Author and Speaker Mary Christensen:

– your business only works if you work.

– understand your end goal. If you could make one personal or family dream come true, what would that one thing be? What is the one thing you want out of your business this year?

– start with a goal (the destination), then commit to your business. What it means to own your own business is that you commit to reaching the destination you set for yourself.

– when we place conditions on our success we are giving ourselves an exit strategy. We are lining up excuses.

– you can’t make money and excuses at the same time.

– the question in business isn’t “can I?”, it is “will I?”.

– nothing worth having is easy.

– the only way to stay focused is to have a goal that really matters, and then work toward it. If you have to take detours (emergencies, family matters) just get back on track as soon as you can.

– don’t overestimate the challenge and underestimate yourself. Don’t give yourself permission to fail because you are too scared to test what is inside of you.

– courage is greater than confidence. Draw on the strengths you have, develop new strengths. Discover the real strength that is inside of you.

– when you expand your comfort zone, you will grow to fill the empty space.

– you will get no. If you don’t, you aren’t making enough calls. A rejection doesn’t change our destination or our commitment.

– if it’s not working, maybe it’s because I’m not doing the right things, or I’m not doing enough. Are we taking control of a situation or ignoring things that we need to pay attention to?

– you cannot grow your business without a goal. You can’t be inspiring unless you are inspired. The only thing that will stop you from reaching your destination is if you pull yourself off the path.

– see the angel in the marble and carve until you set it free


2 comments on “#sfr2013 Live Blogging – Mary Christensen”
  1. SueAnn says:

    Well said fearless leader!

  2. Joan says:

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