#sfr2013 Live Blogging – Daniel Pink, Author of “Drive”

Live blogging from Scentsy Family Reunion 2013. Listening to Daniel Pink, author of “Drive”.

Key takeaways:

– “If-then Motivators” (the carrot and the stick) work great in the short term and really poorly in the long term. These rewards are a form of control. People don’t like being controlled.

– people aren’t motivated by money alone. There are other factors (doing great work, work that matters, being part of a community) that may be as important, or for some people even more important.

– three key points to long term motivation: autonomy, mastery, a sense of purpose.

– the best sales people are not extroverts or introverts, rather they appropriately exhibit characteristics of both at the right times.

– key to long term motivation: don’t be a glad hander, be more like yourself.

– questions are always better than answers when motivating someone. They allow you to figure out what THEY want. It is about the person you are trying to motivate.

– progress leads to more progress. People like progress. Peer to peer accountability is a powerful way to keep progress moving forward.

– people will be more driven if they feel a sense of purpose in what they do.

– figure out your sentence. What sentence defines why you do what you do?

– making it personal (in terms of someone’s purpose) is powerful.

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