How Far Are You Willing To Go?

I firmly believe that one of the things that separates amateurs from professionals, that separates those who dream from those who do, is commitment.

An entrepreneur who creates businesses that provide value and generate revenue are willing to see a venture through no matter what the consequences are, even if those consequences are potential failure. They will keep at it until they get it right. If the first attempt doesn’t work they will try a new creative solution. If that one doesn’t work they will try again and again until they get the results that they want. They are willing to see a venture through, even if it means potential failure, and setbacks, and even criticism. Successful entrepreneurs have remarkable resilience.

An amateur will get frustrated at the first sign of resistance. If the resistance mounts, which in a creative venture it almost certainly will, an amateur will eventually quit. They aren’t willing to risk failure, defeat and criticism to see their venture through.

Think about what you do professionally right now. In your current business or profession, are you willing to stick it out until you get the results you want? Do you even know what result you’re seeking? Are you willing to stick it out, even if it means that you might have to fail once or twice along the way to get what you want?

If the answer is yes I applaud you. I stand by you and I’m in your company. I know what I want and I’m willing to stick it out to get it.

If the answer is no, I believe you need to change professions. Start a new business or stop the business that you’re in. You can find the courage. You can change your habits so that you can afford to make this type of change. Life is much too short to not have passion for what you do. Commitment always comes before success.

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