Today I’m Proud of Calgary. An Example To The World

Today’s post is different than what I normally write about. Nothing about growing your business or living your best life.

Seeing the devastation firsthand in Calgary, it is hard to think about anything else other than the many people who aren’t sleeping in their homes tonight. The displaced families, the uncertainty for so many people, the individuals who have lost everything. The power of mother nature. It is hard to watch. I want to do more.

My family and I are safe, but we are close to so many people who have been impacted. Shining through this great tragedy is a message of kindness, care and leadership that makes me proud to be a Canadian, and proud to live in this area. This is what I’ve seen over the last 2 days:

  • People open their homes to complete strangers;
  • People donating their time, resources and food;
  • People using social media to inform each other and help each other;
  • Businesses donating their services and opening their doors to help each other;
  • City and government officials working through the night, making us feel that they care;
  • Police and military service individuals placing themselves in harms way to rescue others;
  • Ordinary people, doing extra-ordinary things, like using tractors and farm combines to rescue the elderly who found their homes turned into islands;
  • Businesses, shopping malls, and recreation facilities quickly and safely turned into displacement centres for those immediately impacted;
  • City resources being deployed effectively, and efficiently to help people;
  • A mayor of the city who is showing real leadership, showing people that he cares

Well done Calgary. You are an example to the world. Today I’m proud of Calgary. Today I am proud to be from this area.

Calgary 1 Calgary 2 Calgary 3 Calgary 4 Calgary 5 Calgary 6 Calgary 7


3 comments on “Today I’m Proud of Calgary. An Example To The World”
  1. Jenn Lacey says:

    Just letting you know that Redwood Meadows and Bragg Creek were as had hit – Calgary wasn’t the only city affected!

    1. Jenn Lacey says:

      Sorry – as badly hit – darn auto correct!

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