Have You Found That Thing…

that you are committed to mastering?

Have you decided yet to go after something,  no matter what, no matter how hard it is, or how long it takes?

Have you decided that your life will not be complete if you don’t pursue that thing to its conclusion?

Most people never make that decision.  Most people live from short term choice to short term choice.

This job offers better benefits or that job gives me more flexibility, you think.  Neither job you’re committed to mastering.

Choose a different path.  Choose the path of mastery.  Pick something, whatever makes you come alive, and then commit to mastering it.  No matter how hard, how many obstacles come up.  Stick with it.  Make a decision to yourself that you will not quit.  You will continue at it UNTIL you figure it out.  There is tremendous personal power when an individual makes  the decision that they are ALL IN. 

When this happens everything changes.  You get less attached to meaningless things (like the acquisition of more stuff).  You get very efficient and effective with your time.  You take personal responsibility and quit blaming others if things don’t go exactly as you want them.  You know that someone, or something, can’t give you mastery.  You have to give it to yourself.  You have to earn it.  You have to fight for it.  So you can’t hold on to the crutch of blame.  You start looking for mentors and mentors start to appear. You begin to influence people because you are no longer a tumbleweed, bouncing around from one half-commitment to the next. You are brave.  You have personal power.  You stick. You get serious.  You turn pro.

Turning pro isn’t a skill set.  We think that because we associate the word “pro” with athletes or other careers where there are real barriers to entry (based on skill).  You can be pro in anything.  All it takes is a decision.  It is decision to master your craft.  To pick something what makes you come alive, and then stick with it UNTIL you are operating at the level of mastery.  It is hard to do this because it requires you to start as a novice.  No one likes being a novice.  You must progress to pro.  When you are a novice you don’t get the rewards that a pro gets.

People love rewards, and people hate doing things that scare them, or make them uncomfortable.  So it is way easier, and takes way less courage, to stay in a career that gives you a “modest” amount of rewards, but a career that you will never become a master in because the desire doesn’t burn inside of you to make you go the extra mile.  But those cars that you love are really just made of metal.  The memory of that next vacation is going to fade in time.  When you become a master you not only change your life but you influence generations.  Look around.  Think about the masters in our society.  They are the the ones who influence.  But they earned the right to influence us.

I want to be a master.  How about you?

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