It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect At The Start – Just Launch It And Then Constantly Improve It

Success in school doesn’t mean that you will be a good entrepreneur.  In fact, some of the conditioning that we receive in school holds us back, and actually inhibits us from being successful entrepreneurs.

Here is a perfect example.  Say you are a typical “over-achieving” student who has a term paper assignment.  It is likely that you will read, re-read, and re-re-read that paper until you can get it as perfect as possible, BEFORE you submit it to your teacher.  You will check and re-check your sources.  You will read it out loud for flow.  You will critique it left and right until you are absolutely sure that what you are submitting is your best work.

There is nothing wrong with this process – IN A SCHOOL SETTING.  When I was in school, I followed the exact pattern that I just described, and was successful in my grades.

If you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur however, you are going to have to create a new pattern of behavior

The real world of entrepreneurship doesn’t give you the luxury of waiting until your product or service is absolutely perfect.  There is massive first mover advantage in many entrepreneurial contexts.

I know lots of people who have great business ideas, even going to the extent of creating specific business plans, but they never launch.  Their business sits in their head, or on the paper, and the world never sees it.    It just “isn’t quite right yet” they say.  In the meanwhile someone beats them to market and they miss an opportunity.  I’ve talked to many people who would love to write, or create music for the public, but they never do because they aren’t satisfied with their product (it isn’t quite perfect in their eyes), so their voice remains unheard.

Unlearn this behavior.  It isn’t helping you.  Change your paradigm from “it needs to be perfect before I launch” to “I’ll launch and then continually improve”

Power comes from a commitment to continual improvement.  Hesitation and fear comes when you feel you need something to be perfect before you share it with the world.


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