What Art Exists Inside of You? Don’t Keep It Inside

Have you tapped your creative drive?  What Art exists inside of you?  Are you making it?

You only have so much time in life to create your Art.   Everyone has Art inside of them.

Creating a business is Art.

Starting a non-profit venture is Art.

Blogging is Art.

Public speaking is Art.

Being a connector of people is Art.

Creating value for other people is Art.

Music is Art.

Art is Art.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are creating it.

To create Art takes courage because the moment you put something new out into the world you are subjecting yourself to two possible reactions:

Praise and Criticism

The trick in creating Art is not to be influenced by either.  Just be influenced by your desire to create.

If you get too caught up in needing others praise then you won’t have the courage to be bold, you will stay safe (so as to avoid criticism).  You can’t stay safe and create great Art.  If you get too caught up in worrying about criticism then you will quit.  You will hide your Art and the world will never see it.  Deep down inside you will have a void because you have left your Art hidden.

Don’t be someone who left a song unsung, or a book unwritten.  In my opinion you are better off creating Art that everyone dislikes than to do nothing.  At least that way you can live with the satisfaction, knowing that you didn’t let fear run your life.  That is a victory.  That is something that makes life fulfilling.


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