Just One Step At A Time

Last night I did my second workshop in the Bow Valley College Business Building Strategy Series.    Last night’s workshop was on building routines and habits relating to profitability, looking at the Income and Cash Flow Statements and appropriately planning for growth in your business.

The workshop was well attended by a number of driven, and attentive entrepreneurs – my favorite group to work with – the type of people who are driven to get results and who aren’t afraid to do the work.

After the workshop I was visiting with one of the entrepreneurs who basically said the following:

There is just so much to work on in the business. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes

100% agreed.  Every person who has ever started a business, including myself, has felt this emotion to a certain extent.  Being an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming at times.  You know (or learn) about all the things you need to do to make your business a success.  You become aware of them.  The trick then is finding the time to build systems and create habits so that whatever change you implement in your business sticks.

Here is a powerful habit that I have found, both in my businesses, but also in the coaching that I do.

Just take one step at a time

If you commit to believing in the value of constant improvement in your business, then positive change, step by step is a natural thing. When you focus on just one step at a time then you never feel overwhelmed, or get down because your business “isn’t where you think it should be”.  Business is a process of positive change, adaptation and evolution.  You make constant improvements, you constantly learn, you constantly grow.

You have to live this way if you are going to be an entrepreneur.  You can never tackle all the things you could do at once. So you just commit to improving one step at a time.

Is your marketing plan sporadic (or non-existent)?  Then take the time to lock it down. Create a plan that becomes a habit.  Then move to your conversion process.  Then move to your customer service plan to convert clients to raving fans.  Then work on your back-end administrative systems.  It doesn’t have to be in that order however.

The key…

is that you are constantly improving

one step at a time.

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