Consistency – Why We Need To Follow Seth Godin

One of my favorite writers (and I would argue the best writer in the world on marketing) is Seth Godin.

Today Seth blogged for the 5000th time.  I repeat 5000 times!   5000!!!!!  That is nearly 14 years of blogging WITHOUT MISSING A DAY.  Absolutely unbelievable.

Here is the thing though.

Yes Seth is brilliant – his insights are innovative and cutting edge.  He always seems to be at the front of the thought pack.


He earned his status as a thought leader

Lots of people are smart.  Lots of people have good ideas.  But not everyone is Seth Godin.

Not everyone will blog, without missing a day, for nearly 14 years.  Not everyone has the sheer determination, capacity, patience, and foresight to continue producing, at the beginning, when no one is watching.  For people like Seth, or other masters in their field, we see the fruits of their labor and marvel at their wisdom, but what we sometimes miss is how much these individuals give, produce, and sacrifice to earn their position at the top.

Resist the desire for instant gratification.  Everything that is worthwhile to build takes time, sacrifice, and effort.

There is massive power in consistency – day in, day out, putting in the work.

The masters know this.  Amateurs resist it.

A goal, dream, desire, or wish, is absolutely useless unless you are willing to put in the hard time to make that dream a reality.  I love this quote about Georges St. Pierre (whose worth ethic is legendary) from his coach John Danaher:

Show me a hundred people and I’ll show you ninety-nine with an empty, unrealistic dream. Georges didn’t just have the dream, he had the plan of action to think about the circumstances to make the dream possible.  Dreams on their own are utterly useless, but allied to a workable plan of action they garner the greatest of results, and that’s exactly what Georges had from the earliest days.  You saw that plan of action.  Getting on a bus in the middle of a Montreal winter to ride to New York City and a godforsaken gym.  Spending nights next to week-smoking lunatics, fighting for a place to sleep.  A crazy plan, but in the end it became real.  In the end, Georges St. Pierre is the only student I’ve ever had who taught me more than I taught him.

That is post 125.  Day by day 🙂


One comment on “Consistency – Why We Need To Follow Seth Godin”
  1. Brilliant, thank you Ryan. Keep it up! 😉

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