Go Pro

Have you GONE PRO yet with your business or career?

An amateur dabbles.

A pro immerses.

An amateur is scared, and lets fear paralyze them from taking action.

A pro feels fear, but moves forward anyway.

An amateur makes excuses.

A pro accepts responsibility.

An amateur’s actions are scattered and inconsistent.

A pro is organized, consistent and effective.

An amateur stays safe.

A pro takes risks.

An amateur looks for others to act first.

A pro is a first mover and a leader.

An amateur finds distractions.

A pro works.

An amateur doubts.

A pro believes.

An amateur allows others to tell them what they can and can’t do.

A pro makes things happen themselves.

An amateur thinks about things they could do.

A pro is producing.

An amateur imitates.

A pro innovates.

When it comes to your career or your business, which one are you?


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