Working Late – Not Because You Have To, But Because You Want To

Being an entrepreneur is the best thing in the world (in my humble opinion).

Every day you get to work on your unique creation.  You get to participate in the absolutely incredible act of taking a thought and making it into a thing.  It is the most fulfilling and positively addictive thing in the world.

It brings with it hard work, and many long hours.  But the long hours are so different when you are creating.  I used to have to work long hours all the time when I was practicing law, particularly when I was employed by a “big” firm, but the hours there felt so different.  They were long hours that were externally driven.  They were long hours that were mandated on me.

The long hours that I put in now are self-imposed.  They are internally motivated.  The difference is unmistakable.  Where time used to drag and drag when the long hours were imposed by someone else, time absolutely flies now.  I routinely find myself working into the night, building my business and helping others build businesses as well.

Working late – not because you have to, but because you want to is a blessing.  It is something that makes life worthwhile and fulfilling.  If you don’t have that in your life – FIND IT!

Find that thing that brings out your passion. Find that thing that makes you strive.  Find that thing that makes the TV seem like the world greatest WASTE OF TIME.  Find that thing that makes you want to work late.

I don’t believe that life is truly fulfilling unless you do.  We are not meant to be passive observers and reactive creatures.  We were born to create.  We were born to make things happen!

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