Clarity and Certainty

I’ve read a lot of books in my life.  I’ve read a lot of biographies, psychology books, personal development books, and leadership books.  I’m attracted to stories of successful individuals.  I’m attracted to  stories of people who manage to overcome obstacles.  I’m attracted to people who master a field.

As I read book after book I’ve discovered something very real:

The people who accomplish great things, overcome great obstacles, and master their craft always possess two things: Clarity about exactly what they want; and Certainty in that they absolutely believe that they will get it.

Both of these are hard to obtain.  We are pulled in so many directions in life that we often don’t have clarity about what our core priorities actually are.  What we want is often in terms of generalities, like I’d like “more money” or I’d like to have a “fulfilling career”.  But what does that mean?  The more specific we get with what we want the more likely it is that we will get it.

When it comes to certainty, this one is even harder, because here we are battling our own fears and insecurities.  We are also battling the doubts of many (well-meaning) people in our life who don’t want us to get hurt, so they caution us to take safe paths, even though those paths are not ultimately fulfilling.  We have to learn to believe on our own.  We have to grow each day with faith that we are capable of achieving exactly what we want.  We have to see ourselves achieve it. We have to achieve small victories so that our belief in ourselves grow.

Clarity about what you want, and Certainty that you will achieve it, are key factors that all great people have.


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  1. excellent contribution! Great post. Blessings on your day.

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