How To Deal With Setbacks

Every entrepreneur deals with a set back.  It is absolutely, 100% guaranteed that at some point in your entrepreneurial life you will not get exactly what you want.  Life will take twists and turns.  You are bound to be rejected, shut down, and feel discouragement, disappointed or doubt at some point in your business career.

Every entrepreneur deals with this.

You are no different.

So what do you do when the setback happens?  What do you do when you go outside of your comfort zone only to be rejected? What do you do when your big break flops?

On the one hand you can,

Quit and give up.

Blame someone or something for the setback (as blaming makes people feel better in the short run).

Complain and vent to someone (again because this makes you feel better in the short run),

Or you can,

Strengthen your resolve to get what you want.

Look at the setback and ask yourself how you can learn from this situation.  Use the experience to better yourself and chalk it up as very valuable education (that you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained had you not gone through it)

Adjust your plan, recommit, reset and get back at it.

Guess what…these last three make you feel good as well.  They actually make you feel much better than venting or blaming does, and the feeling can last in the long run.



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