Be an Information User, Not An Information Collector

Advice is everywhere.

You can go online and find all the advice you can handle at the click of a button.  You can go to your nearest bookstore and find dozens of titles on everything you are looking for in your business: sales, marketing, leadership, personal development.  Anything you need, you can find very easily.

The problem is that, with all this available information, many people become information “collectors” instead of information “users”.

I know because I used to be one.  However one of the best things I did for myself and our business was to stop looking for more information and just apply the stuff I had.

For me this meant instead of looking for the next book with tips and strategies, simply going back to the old ones I had, re-opening them and then USING the strategies.  The way I’d do this is that I would pick one book.  Give myself a time frame (like 6 months, etc), set some goals and then stick just to the strategies in that book.

I wouldn’t jump around to new strategies.  Rather I would test the ones I had.

By doing this I realized that the “doing” was far more important than the “knowing”.

So wherever you are and whatever you want, what is most important is that the majority of your time is spent in the “doing”.  Pick a book or a blog that you like.  Gather up a handful of strategies (all you really need is a handful).

Now for the next six months (or whatever time line you choose):  DO THEM!


One comment on “Be an Information User, Not An Information Collector”
  1. Gordon Daniel says:

    Love this post. So true!

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