Your Own Creative Potential

If right now you aren’t doing what you love, then you need to ask yourself – WHY?

Why is it that you haven’t taken a risk?

Why is it that you haven’t started the thing that you say is meaningful, the thing that you say  you would love to do?

What is stopping you?

If you need a little push, read the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene.

Don’t tell me it is because of “money” or “security”.  If it is then you at least need to be honest with yourself and accept that your choices are the reason that you are not currently fulfilled.

Conforming to social norms, you will listen more to others than to your own voice.  You may choose a career path based on what peers and parents tell you, or on what seems lucrative.  If you lose contact with this inner calling, you can have some success in life, but eventually your lack of true desire catches up with you.  Your work becomes mechanical.  You come to live for leisure and immediate pleasures.  In this way you become increasingly passive, and never move past the first phase.  You may grow frustrated and depressed, never realizing that the source of it is your alienation from your own creative potential (Robert Greene, Mastery)

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