Fear – It Is Stopping You Right Now From Getting A Result That You Want.

Actions equal results.  Whenever you do something you get a result.

So in order to achieve anything that you want, all you need to do is figure out the action that will get you the result that you want.  Right?

Sometimes you have to experiment a little with the actions until you figure out which one works.  But the process is pretty straight forward.  You decide what you want.  You figure out what actions are going to get you what you want, you do said action, and you stick at it until you get what you want.

If it is this easy, then why is it that people often don’t have what they want?  The answer is fear.  I am absolutely 100% convinced on this one.

In many (most) cases, the “action” that you need to take to get the “result” that you want is scary.  It is downright terrifying to many people.  So, many people comprise what they actually want, instead of confronting their fear, because the prospect of staring their fears in the eye is just too daunting.

Fear prevents people from taking the type of action that will get them the result that they want.

There is only one way to deal with fear.  You have to confront it.  You have to do the things that scare you.  You have to do them over and over again until you are so familiar with what scares you that you are no longer scared of it.  Fear will never go away.  Fear is actually an incredible tool.  You have to just learn to get comfortable in the situation that you fear.  You can only do this by directly confronting your fears.

To help you in this process I am going to launch my own “fear hunting” series on this blog.  This will be where I confront my own fears, a day at a time.  Hopefully my example will be an inspiration to you, for you to confront your own.

Stay tuned!

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