He Had No Idea What He Made, Or What He Was Worth

I recently had lunch with one of the most successful people I know.

I look up to this person as a mentor, and as an individual who I would like to emulate in terms of his outlook on the world and success.  Although we are not in the same profession I would be very pleased, if, in my chosen profession, I was able to duplicate the level of success that he has created in his.

As we were catching up over lunch, our conversation turned to life philosophies and philosophies of success.  We started to talk about intention, focus and motivation, and how what we want, and what we focus on, often drives how we feel.  Then we started to talk about this principle in relation to money.  It was then that he said the most remarkable thing that I have ever heard him say:

I have no idea what I make in a year.  I have no idea what I am worth.  I always have enough for what I want and I get to do what I love every single day.

He didn’t say it in a pretentious “I’m so rich, I have no idea what I’m worth” kind of way.  He said it in a very sincere, genuine, almost childlike innocence – which left me marvelling that this very successful person literally had no idea how much money he made in a year.  He just didn’t think about it.  He made “enough” for him, and there was no reason to think about it anymore.

What struck me as so peculiar about this statement is that I have no doubt that this individual earns in the top 1% of all people in Canada.  But money has never been his focus.  Love for what he does has always been his focus.  Improving on what he does has always been his focus – and because of it he is extremely successful, both in terms of achievement and money.

Makes you think.  Money is an echo of value.  Money will follow passion and love for what you do.  Money will follow mastery.  Funny thing is that the “masters” rarely follow money.


One comment on “He Had No Idea What He Made, Or What He Was Worth”
  1. I love this, particularly your last paragraph regarding money following mastery. The money will follow…

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